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W8R2 – icy start, followed by “dancing on ice” impersonation and a sleet finish but another run ticked off

Started out this morning having looked out of the window and no signs of frost but appearances can be deceptive. Walking down my road which is a bridal road but with a tarmac section as it meets the main road, once on the tarmac I did my “dancing on ice” impersonation and that was only walking. So set the survival radar to alert and concentrate on trying to spot those potential icy patches especially when I start to run. There were a couple of other minor slips/ dancing on ice auditions, but luckily nothing serious. My mental wall seems to be the 20 to 25 minute mark where I think this is hard am I going to get to the end but then when Laura tells me 5 minutes left I pick up, my pace increases back to my starting pace and today I added on the extra minute to run for 29 minutes which was 4.2K. So very pleased with myself as I continued with my warm down walk and I started to walk back up the bridal road the rain/sleet starting coming down so I started running down the bridal road to home. So add an extra 50 seconds of running there. Which is amazing in itself 8 weeks ago I wouldn't have thought of running back home even for 50 seconds and I expect I would have stopped after about 20 seconds red faced, huffing and puffing. It’s amazing what you can do with this program, the right mind set and most of all everyone on this community blog who encourages everyone else to succeed….. Thank you.

P.S. off to the doctors now for my annual review which is blood tests and blood pressure check, it will be interesting to see how the running and my improved fitness has affected my blood pressure., hopefully for the better.

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Excellent work wighty! Good luck at the docs. Ed


Thanks Ed. Yes the visit to the docs went well BP was much better than previous visits so the regular exercise is working I think.


Ha! Love the blog, it tickled me. Well done on getting out there and not skating back home in retreat. Great job - only one left and you're on the home straight!! :) Do let us know if this plan has improved your stats at the docs, I'd be surprised if they hadn't. Well done again exwightman!


Glad you liked my skating adventure. It went well at the doctors today. I do take a small dose of medicine everyday to bring my BP down but it stills registers higher than the normal 120 over 80 but today it was 127 over 82 much better than previous readings so I am sure this regular exercise is working.

I told the nurse I had started running and we were exchanging stories about running shoes as she also started running about a year ago, she had shin splints so needed to get proper running shoes like I had to with my knee problem but she did admit she was a fair weather runner and did not run on cold days. It's amazing how many runners are out there somewhere.


Well done, it is amazing the improvement we can make in a relatively short space of time with a good programme, the right mind set and encouragement! You are doing brilliantly - not long now till graduation :-D


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