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Parkrun - 21:25 - "There and back again" a Runners tale by Aftab Sarwar

Hi all,

Firstly apologies that I didn't reply to everyone who commented on my post last week. It has been a hectic week at home and work! I won't bore you all with accounting topics and why it makes me busy.

I woke up with a slight headache today so it wasn't the best start. Even as I was walking from my car to the start line I was considering volunteering because I wasn't sure how my head would be when I started to run. I completed my 1km warm up and had no additional pains so I thought I would give it a go.

Neil, who paced me around 2 weeks ago, said he was "only going to jog around" today. His jog is my PB pace so I told him to stick with me for the first 2.5km and if I slow down a bit then to push me along. I got to the half way point in 10:42 so I knew it would be very difficult to beat my PB of 21:20 but I would give it a go. Ultimately the 4th km let me down because I ran it about 5 seconds slower than I should have. All the other kms were in reasonably good time. I has a strong finish which meant I was only 5 seconds slower than my PB and am happy with it considering that I am consolidating the gains I have made in the last month.

Just as an aside over the last month I have been having an increasing pain in my right elbow which my Mum thinks is tennis elbow. I haven't seen the doctor for it yet. Picking anything up is fairly painful. However when I run I don't have an issue. I think that is because the running action doesn't involve the elbow joint moving too much but I think it is also because the other aches and pains I get when pushing myself in a hard run probably masks the elbow issues.

Anyway happy running all and I am planning on watching the Hobbit this evening with my Mrs which is what inspired the title for this post!

Here is a link to today's run:

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That's a brilliant time man. Hope your head cleared up after that astonishing finish time!


Thanks Dan. It was all fine after having lunch and drinking lots of water. It's a good thing it got better because I've just got out of the cinema and the Hobbit was one noisy film!


Do take it easy. I've had neck and shoulder pain for the last week, and it's amazing how something like that can affect your running.


I will take it easy. I've pushed myself too hard before and regretted it. I'm always happy to volunteer at Parkrun instead.


Wow, that's a great time. Respect!


Nice one Aftab. You'll knock that PB on the head soon. I'd see the doc about the elbow though. It might not bother you when you're running now but if there's anything there it will surely show through eventually.


Thanks James. The elbow is getting much better now. So I think I will leave it but if it ever comes back I will see the doc right away.


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