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Alzheimer’s Challenge - 3/4 Way Through


Well my dear fellow runners, just a quick recap on what I set out to do earlier in the year.

After graduating last August from C25K - thanks to Mr Smooth and all the admins and mentors on here, I somewhat rashly set myself a target to run 2018km in 2018 to raise (hopefully) £2018 for Alzheimer’s Research. The year didn’t start off well with New Year/post New Year celebrations and resolutions not quite working to plan! I started off 40 km behind in week 1 - oops. 2018km means more or less a marathon of running a week. I tried brilliant ju-ju- ’s idea of running streaks and that didn't suit me, probably because I was a novice runner and not as runtastic as ju-ju undoubtedly is.

With advice and guidance from many of my buddies on here, I have pootled my way to 1573.85kms at the end of September, which was about 60kms ahead of my cumulative target.

Although like all runners. I’ve suffered from runnerchondria from time to time, I’ve been fit throughout most of the year, with the exception of migraines but thanks to some ideas from Polly2810, I seem more or less to have that under control. Oh and I’ve not had a cold since starting my challenge... and that is most unusual for me.

I hope you are all having a fantastic running year, rolysmate, helenwheels, Razouski, mrrun, MrsT82 are just some of the ‘rich and famous’ who’ve helped me through.

Back to London in November, where I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to UCL for a peek behind the scenes and update on Alzheimer’s Research which is so important to so many people now. Until then, I’m taking advantage of the mild Italian weather to get some kms in.

Yesterday’s run write-up can be found here...

I am aiming to finish on December 24th in London and if any of you have any good idea for my last run I’d be really interested to hear them. So far I’ve got two suggestions, one to follow the hidden River Fleet and the other to run to find as many blue plaques as I can. I’m expecting my final run to be somewhere in the region of 8-10kms, and given I want to do it on Christmas Eve, I think the only ‘restriction’ is that I am probably better off away from the West End and shops!

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Gosh you have done and are doing amazingly well both with your running, 2018 target and for your friend.

You are inspiring.

Atb in completing it and your Xmas Eve run to finish.


Jancanrun in reply to Tbae

Thanks Tbae , it’s a long slow road but a rewarding one. Like so many of us on here I didn’t know what I could do until I tried!

Tbae in reply to Jancanrun

The motivational magic of the forum helps everyone to match and find what our uniquely differing needs require.

Of course it takes determination and the individual to achieve it.

I found your comment on streaking interesting.Have picked up on it from JuJu and find at my slow pace it suits me.Recovery just not an issue.

As a new runner and when first reading your target, which is amazing,it just blew my mind.

Further down the road and with the help of this forum,I understand the possibilities more now.

Atb with your remaining balance,

which is just spectacular and the story behind it.💥🏃‍♀️💥☄️☄️

PS.still run without a playlist.🙈One day I will get with it and you and others, fabulous efforts in that department also.👏👏

Wow, inspiring Jancanrun & for such a worthy cause. I’m in awe of you 👍🏻👏👏

Jancanrun in reply to Oldlady57

Thank you, it’s the programme really that made it all possible... It’s nice to share the progress, because so many of us don’t realise what we can actually do, when we put our minds to it.

Glad to hear you’re still on track Jan. It’s completely amazing. Your planned visit to UCL sounds really interesting. I’ll look forward to hearing all about it, over a PCT maybe or a run.

Keep up the running. X

Jancanrun in reply to Razouski

PCT - you’re on - perhaps after you run on the 20th though? Because by then you’ll deserve at least half a dozen.



Amazing job and you’ve done some running to be ahead now! Good luck again this month.

Thanks UFN - it’s in my sights now, so bar a broken leg it will be done!


Well done, Jan! You can do the grand finish around Hyde Park (6k outer perimeter but with zig-zagging 10K is perfect). I was going to say try South Bank but having recently experienced a slalom between hordes of people I’d say no unless you set off really early.

Jancanrun in reply to mrrun

Thanks - the ‘people’ traffic is a real problem nowadays in London, but the Hyde Park one sounds okay - ooh maybe that horrid Winter Wonderland tat is on though, but I can run around that ..

mrrunGraduate in reply to Jancanrun

It's very likely to be on but you can easily work around it. I recently completed my third HM distance and came across a large rally in Hyde Park crossing over to Mayfair and beyond. Whistles and banners, horns and hollering all in place so had to run along them in order to find a gap through. Got a good reception myself as many thought I was part of the whole demonstration and although I agreed with them (this is not the place to explain who and what they were supporting), I should have planned my route more carefully - do not venture towards the Serpentine even during the most docile times or else you'll run that risk. ;) Good luck!


Pure inspiration you are my lady!

Congratulation on being ahead of plan! Your hard work is obvious! Well done for each and every run, each and every mile!

Maybe if I will be running so much, I won't suffer from cold as well... Do you run every day? Or what is our current schedule? Do you run mornings or evenings or you just shuffle things around?

Jancanrun in reply to IgaT

Hi Iga - are you now a married lady? I tried the ju-ju streak but it wasn’t for me - I think not taking a rest, being such a new runner was an issue - although I think now if I were to try it I’d be in better shape and condition. But at the beginning of the year my ‘system’ was 3 days on and one day off - doing 10km, 7km then 6km. Now I am ahead I can take some slack so I do 2 days on and one day off both of around 9km . Morning runner generally, but if life gets in the way as it often does I go out in the afternoon. The roads are way too dangerous here to do night time running, so that’s a no-no.

But the cold thing is an interesting one, Mr JCR doesn’t suffer from colds at all, whereas me - I am the guaranteed sniffler - winter, spring, summer and autumn I get colds and since I started C25K in fact I haven’t had one. I think being outdoors in all sorts of weather be it fair or foul seems to build my immunity. Honestly, other than the stupid flipping migraines, I’ve never felt better.

IgaTGraduate in reply to Jancanrun

Yes, I am married, well... Sort of... It's civil partnership :P

I am also a sniffer and main client of tissue industry :P but I am trying to run faster than my nose. Maybe running will help me... For now, I still on C25K working towards my goal of regular 3x a week running schedule :)

I am very impressed with your achievements! You are my role model!

Jancanrun in reply to IgaT

Congrats on the civil partnership, hope the married life’s suiting you! I am honoured to be you role model, and not entirely sure that I deserve that accolade, but we all help each other on here, there are way too many folk to mention who have helped me on my way andI just heard on the radio a lady thanking Jo Wiley for being her C25K coach and enabling her to be a runner at the age of 60. It’s truly a great programme and a fab community.

IgaTGraduate in reply to Jancanrun

Thanks, it does suit me :)

You fully deserve to me the role model and yes, the community is amazing and one of the kind. Before, I never believed in "forums" and on-line communities. But I also used to hate running :P We do change and it is never too late :)


It’s been fantastic keeping track of your journey Jan, you have been a proper trooper & have shown so much grit & determination for a cause so close to your have inspired me to run 40kms in November for a poppy charity, I know that’s nothing compared to your massive target but it’s a start!! I think your Christmas Eve run should see you taking in as many ‘royal’ sites as you can because this year Jan you are the queen of running!! xx

Jancanrun in reply to Mummycav

Ooh Mummycav what a lovely thing to say and running 40kms for charity is no mean feat either. I like the idea of the ‘royal’ sites too - queen of running, what an ace title!

I think I am going to have to put the idea in a hat and pull one out and see which one to do, although they are all so good, I could probably do them all

MummycavModerator in reply to Jancanrun


SuzyKKGraduate in reply to Mummycav

I'm with Mummycav , do a royal route - come out to Windsor & do one of our runs out here

Congratulations on doing so well - & for such a great cause - how are you doing with raising the amount you wanted?

Jancanrun in reply to SuzyKK

Only half way on the cash but still its £1000 towards the cause - am hoping for a late surge. Folks nowadays have so many calls on their cash, I can't and don’t expect everyone I know to sponsor me, I’m happy with what I’ve had because any donation counts....



Jancanrun in reply to Lallis

Thanks for the encouragement!


How inspiring! That’s certainly an awesome amount for a very worthwhile cause. Good luck for those last few miles!!!

Thanks for the support - I will get them done


26 miles a week, every week, for a whole year! That is one hell of a commitment , and one hell of an achievement.

I am in awe 😮

Jancanrun in reply to Tartancat

Thanks Tc I didn’t really think it through when I made the challenge it was only afterwards when I thought - oops that’s rather a lot of kms to do. Still nothing ventured!


You are absolutely awesome Jancanrun! What an amazing achievement!

Jancanrun in reply to Mimirossi

Thanks mr - the achievement will feel well worth it once I’ve reached that magical 2018 number


Wow Jan, just amazing. Well done!!

Jancanrun in reply to Decker

Thanks Decker - it’s a long haul effort, but it feels worth it...


Jancanrun in reply to Oldjigger

Thanks .. :)

Wow! Just amazing! Well done. You are an inspiration 👏👏👏

Jancanrun in reply to Faith94

Thanks for the support. Another 10km clocked today...

Hi Jan, I somehow missed this post but just read Helenwheels' post and the link so have finally donated. I'm in awe of the miles you can clock up and send lots of positive energy to finish in style! I follow AR UK closely and I think they are now moving to different research less focused on the amyloid plaques and more on other markers at an earlier stage. Just praying Brexit doesn't scupper EU joint research in the future! Keep going - you're amazing!

Thanks slinky-malinki - I too follow AR closely and they have kindly invited me to a research debrief in November, which I’m really interested in going to and hearing what they are doing now. Like you I’d hate to think Brexit is going to kill off all the good collaboration in this area. Thanks so much for your lovely donation - it is much appreciated and I will thank you in my official running blog and send you the link. It’s so unbelievable how many people have sponsored me from here - truthfully I never expected that.

Fewer than 300kms to go now...

here you are ... you’ve no idea what a boost it is first thing to see a donation just before going for my run :)

SlinkymalinkiGraduate in reply to Jancanrun

Ah, thanks for the acknowledgement. Nice to read about your familiar running routes again - I've bookmarked your blog again as have swapped phones recently. Your olive oil looks good - how satisfying to produce your own! Hope you can attend the AR update, I'm interested to know which avenues of treatment they're currently exploring. Keep going..... X


Jan you are a shining star and far to modest about what you are/have been achieving, you my dear girl are beyond awesome and truly inspirational

Jancanrun in reply to rolysmate

Thank you my dear friend. As to inspirational, well look who is talking... ;)

Your mum never knew what an amazing runner she’d created, and she would be so very proud of you, your running, stopping smoking, the fund raising. All these and more make you a very special runner indeed

rolysmateGraduate in reply to Jancanrun

thank you and people like you inspire me xx

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