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Foggy Misty morning


It’s a foggy dull misty morning out, definitely feels & smells like autumn now and I’m about to embark on my w1r2 and I’m feeling slightly terrified & somewhat excited. I’m determined to complete the programme as I’ve never ever been a runner. I did try it a few yrs ago but a back and knee injury put it all to a quick end (after 3 half hearted attempts at jogging)

But this time is different, for the last 2 months I’ve been weight training with a personal trainer, strengthening my core and walking 4/5 miles every day on top of very active job so hopefully this time round I have the tools and knowledge to keep my bones safe from injury with warming up/cooling down and of course stretching but crucially listening to my body.

My small chihuahua is doing this with me also and has really surprised me with how much ground she can cover. I’ve built up her mileage too and she can now easily walk 4 miles in 1 go. She did join me on my 1st run and actually seemed to love it so here’s hoping my furry friend can continue this programme with me. Now if only I can get her to get up 😂

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Great job on run one... welcome.

She looks like I did when it was time for run 2... she knows what’s coming and will love it when she’s out there, but right now just no 😂

Yep she loved it once out and weirdly I found this one easier than the first but I think that was to do with getting my pace right, on the 1st run I thought I was a sprinter and nearly wiped myself out by the 3rd one 😂 but today I kept all of them steady so much better

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to Michellethegooner

Well done, perfect way to do this.


Fantastic!! I hope you both enjoy every moment of this programme. You’ve described it well, scary but so exciting!! You get less scared and more excited after every run too!! Wishing you both a fun time!! ❤️

Look at that princess on a pillow! Good luck with R2 Michelle, let us know how it goes!

I have a little terrier mix (looks like a jack russel but with shorter legs and a full tail) and he's joining me. He's definitely tuckered out after our run which is great, he needs some extra activity. He's starting to get small dog anxiety - afraid of all kinds of things and barking at the slightest noise - and being tired out seems to snap him out of that, or maybe he's just too deeply asleep hehe! I'm using a waist belt leash and it's working nicely so far, he seems more obedient on it than on a regular hand-held leash and I like having my hands free.

Oh she’s a real (diva) princess all right, she’s a chihuahua in need of losing a few lbs as she begs my husband & son for food and they oblige haha yes miss little legs is wrecked too when we get in and sleeps for hours 😂 I only leash her when we near the roads once we get the the track were we walk/jog she goes free as she literally sticks to me like glue 😂

Oh that’s so nice! Well she can keep eating the treats if she does a good job keeping up - incredible how fast their little legs go to keep up.

I run in my neighbourhood, it’s quiet when I go but have to keep my guy on leash. I should take him to a park over the long weekend (it’s Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend) for an off leash treat!



I can only say that as a fellow sprinter that the programme works. The biggest challenge for me was finding an economical running style that wasn't on my toes with a high knee lift! I would describe it as falling with style rather than running but it gets me around 5k in a decent time.

The programme builds nicely , mixing physical and mental increments.. The one thing I didn't appreciate was that it took 10-12 weeks for the body to adjust.

So the watch words are patience and slowly does it.

PS as a gooner you will understand that my sprinting was in Finsbury park.

Thank you for your helpful advice, I definitely found that I can do it more efficiently if I keep my pace steady, I completed my w1r3 yesterday and it felt good.

I start my w2 tomorrow, I walk/jog from crouch end to Finsbury Park via parkland so yes I defo know Finsbury Park 😂

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