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Brief Update on the Vivobarefoot Eclipse

Further to last night's post, as requested, I provide a review of my first run in the Vivo Eclipse running sandal, which is certainly favourable, rather than mixed.

An easy two mile run, as I didn't wish to run too far in them (being a first outing).

Felt incredibly comfortable throughout, with no discomfort or niggles in the legs, but did receive a few stares of bewilderment from those I passed (sadly, no runners).

Nice natural movement in the feet and toes which felt strong and able of continuing beyond the two miles that I covered, as the sandals remained securely upon my feet, with little to no adjustment required.

Only criticism thus far, which I trust is simply a teething issue until I get the tension correct, is that the skin at the base of big toe/second toe on my right foot felt a little tender. The left foot, however, was absolutely fine with no rubbing or irritation.

Upon examination afterwards, a smaller blister may develop, but this I can live with, as it'll be my first of the year. Two hours post-run, the tenderness has subsided (but coconut oil has been applied), so I may be fortunate.

On reflection, I put the tenderness down to descending hills, as I felt the base of the toe post rubbing against the skin. Running on the flat and climbing hills caused no issue.

For my next run (Saturday), I'll cover the area of skin and the toe post thoroughly with BodyGlide, to reduce friction, in addition to adjusting the tension, to see if a difference is made.

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Sounds very promising. I have never thought of barefoot or sandal running but you make me want to try it out...

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Start gently, running short distances on concrete, for example, allowing the feet to grow accustomed, as extra fat padding needs to develop in the forefoot to provide protection.

Additionally, foot strengthening exercises should be performed, as there's greater intrinsic movement of the feet and toes when running bare foot.

Equally, if you strike with your heel, you'll need to move to a midfoot landing.

Have a look at the following site/forum for more tips: thebarefootrunners.org

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Thanks for that, I'm curious too now. I run on a wooden boardwalk so I'm thinking they might be ok for that, no nettles etc I'm off to check out that site now.😀👣

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Thanks for the update, I was wondering how you were getting on. Have you read Born to run? It's about the Tarahumara Indians, they only ever run in sandals, and they run for miles and miles...

Please keep us posted xx

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I did read it a few years back, when beginning my barefoot running adventure. Loaned it to a work colleague but it was never returned. I've often thought about buying another copy but just haven't gotten round to it.


Thank you. Sound good & never would have considered body glide on the feet.

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When I run in trainers for covering longer distances, I always apply it to the balls of my feet since they're prone to blistering after 7-8 miles.

Needless to say, I've found BodyGlide to be useful in preventing their occurrence, thus, maintaining the appearance of the feet.

I try to ensure that the running socks I wear aren't too thick either


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