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1st 30 run of week 9 completed ..another 2 to go then where do I go without Laura !!!


I Completed it and felt like I could go on !! was not as hard as was expecting it to be , although it was tough , but I have felt worse in previous runs ..I am 56 and had a Heart Valve replacement done , open heart surgery 9 years ago and have to take warfarin lifelong ..so I am happy to just know that I am doing enough to keep healthy ...what is the next progression if I wanted to go on ..and where is Laura …? I will miss her talking to me ..

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Well done you...slow and steady to the next runs..then..yes..it goes on.

So much to choose from..consolidation and continuation... Laura and the C25K+ podcasts..and us running with you! Great eh?


Well done... soon be graduation! It’s really up to you... there’s three options really, happy just doing this, go faster or go further... the last two have a lot of overlap.


This is the post that hopefully gives you some pointers healthunlocked.com/couchto5... and I normally send it out to all new graduates


Wow great achievement... I only graduated last week and have managed two post grad runs so far. First one I just set my alarm to 30mins and stopped running to see how far I’d managed (4.6k) second run I set the alarm for 30 mins but also set Strava to notify me of each Kilometre I managed. When it reached 5k I stopped running and walked for 5 mins. I managed 5k in 33 mins 9 seconds... slow and steady means you can reach 5k and have your first personal best to baseline against. Keep going after week 9 and enjoy it 😀

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