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W5 R3 - the 20 minuter consigned to history and defeated

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Back in Feb got to W5 R3 and completed it but then had to stop for injury after injury. So 5 weeks ago restarted the whole programme again and delighted to say have cracked it again and so far no injuries at all. Wasn’t feeling in best shape to start with today following the pizza at my 3 year old grandsons birthday party but carried on and after 5 minutes had to slow myself down a bit (not often I say that) then at 10 minute stage knew I was going to do it - gave myself some good positive encouragement and pressed on though had to slow myself down again as for some unknown reason I was covering more ground in 5 minutes than have done before. Looking forward to W6 R1 as never got that far before. Good warm down and stretches. Now for home and feet up on the couch at least for a little while.

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Great run. You’re legs obviously wanted to go for it, well done keeping it under control. Slow and steady into week 6, that first run looks easier than it is... good discipline on pace and you’ll put that in the bin marked history too.

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FGB1 in reply to UnfitNoMore

Good advice for week 6 thanks - will treat with care.

Oh well done FGB! What a fantastic run - totally smashed! 💪 Good for you recognising you need to slow down too. The difference between success and potential failure! 👏👏

You’ll be awesome in W6, just remember to give R1 and R2 a little respect as they’re sneaky and look innocuous.

Good luck! 😀

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FGB1 in reply to cheekychipmunks

Thanks for the advice for W6 will be sure to treat it with some respect as want to get through it well.

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