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W2R2 completed 😊

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I hope no one minds me posting EVERY run on here but I am so pleased, proud and slightly shocked that I am sticking with it! Today was harder I found that Run 1 of week 2, but I think that’s maybe because I had a duvet day yesterday as was a bit fluey. Now for a beautifully sunny rest-of-day 😎- enjoy your weekend everyone! Pic is my view from my rest bench after my run

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Post away that’s what the forums for πŸ‘πŸ» or at least that what I do anyways. It’s a fantastic place for support and motivation so post post post 😁


Certainly no harm in reporting every run of C25K that you πŸƒ. I only started posting my progress after week 3 because I wasn't sure if I could complete it, good luck in your πŸƒ journey and yes, report every week at least on one of your runs until you graduate 😁 πŸƒ


Well done. I certainly hope they don’t mind every run being posted... I even post some rest days... nobody has told me to shut it yet πŸ˜‚

I do one day a week where I do nothing, the legs take a minute or two more walking the next day, but it relaxes my mind more.


Hi there Pickles1234.

I've started posting on 'rest' days!

We want to know how you're getting on so post away! 😸

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