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W3R2 in the new orange shoes!


Ok so if you had asked me yesterday morning if I would ever buy a pair of orange shoes 👟 it probably wouldn’t have gone down terribly well. Especially when these shoes are for the sole purpose of running. Well by 2pm yesterday I had done just that! I have the sturdiest most motion restricting shoes available and they are neon orange. Oh yes NEON. I can’t even. The cost of protecting my knees is high in the crimes against fashion.

Well any way I went for my first run in the monstrosities today and by heck did the run feel different. Harder maybe? I’m not sure if was the bulletproof insoles or that I just don’t seem to like run 2 of any given week. I certainly felt like my knees felt different probably because they couldn’t flop the way they want to. Currently no knee pain though so yay!! Did stretches and iced both for 15 mins after as a precaution.

Also I had a thing. Duck and were having a rest day after w3r1 and having a normal conversation while doing the dishes and I did something that made him look at me with such shock and horror and it had floored too. I don’t know what came over me but the words “I fancy going for a little run” fell out of my mouth. In that moment I think we both started to question who I was.

Next up w3r3 on Monday.

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Did you say orange?


jiggles7Graduate in reply to MarkyD

See those are elegant by comparison!


Great job. Don’t forget to wear sunglasses when lacing those shoes up.


Should help keep you more visible in theese shorter daylight hours. 😸

Good luck with W3R3!

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