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Week 6 Run 3 A hard last 5 minutes!

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Just "completed" week 6 run 3 although I did think Michael had deserted me as 20 minutes seemed to be ages coming. I then ran into a slight hill for the last 5 minutes and I have to admit I said out loud...I can't be arsed with this and walked for 20 steps. I felt I'd let Michael down at the end so added 40 extra run steps at the end instead. Hope I'm feeling a bit more refreshed for Week 7.

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Week 6 is the hardest. You’re nearly home and dry. Slow and steady al ,the way to graduation 💪👍😃

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Speedy99Graduate in reply to misswobble

Thank you x

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Good work... that hill at the end was brave of you... I’m still turning and running away from them! It will also have added some stamina. Enjoy week 7

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Speedy99Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you x I don't think enjoy comes into a sentence with jogging!

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UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to Speedy99

Takes time... “enjoy jogging” is like “fun run” crazy when you’re a walker, crazy not to when you’re a runner!

Michael will never abandon you, although I know what you mean. Sometimes I'm sure my phone must have stopped working.

You're doing great.

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Speedy99Graduate in reply to Jalk

Thank you x

I smiled at this as at one point I thought app had stopped as it seemed a long time till Laura spoke but all is well

keep going your doing fine x

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Speedy99Graduate in reply to hereshop

Ha ha...I did think Michael was going to surprise me and say 24 minutes...only 60 seconds to go.....but because he said 20 minutes, the 20 minutes I'd been waiting so long for, that's when the I can't be arsed comment was aired. If I could have co-ordinated getting my phone out of my pocket, negotiating the buttons and run at the same time without crashing off the pavement, I would have realised that Michael was still alive!

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