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Frustrating... and weird!


Completed W1R3 on Wednesday - was running after a particularly tough day at work andreally had to grind it out, but felt very accomplished to have done it.

Friday - completed W2R1 without struggling too badly. I could feel that I’d worked for it, but no harder really than the previous run. Slight twinge I’m the knee but nothing to be too concerned about... I thought.

Yesterday, realised that twinge was a bit worse than I’d thought. Went to work, limping a little, then by midday was hard to walk at all. I was getting shooting pains every time I tried to straighten it and had a constant dull ache. Went home, elevated & iced - this morning feels almost completely normal!

Now I’m not sure what to do. Based on how it is now I’m tempted to take a couple more rest days then attempt W2R2 on Sunday. Based on how it was yesterday I’m thinking that might be a very bad idea!

Not sure what’s best!

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Well done.

If you are getting pains do all you can to minimise impact...... slow down, avoid heelstriking, keep footfall under your body, not out in front, run on grass or treadmill and wear proper running shoes fitted after a gait analysis done at a specialist running shop.

Sound advice, thank you. I might make a slow attempt on Sunday and see how it goes. I read your advice on someone else’s post too - think I might need to slow it down a notch to let my legs/knees strengthen.

Oh well - down, NOT out!

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Have you read the guide to the plan?

I did read the guide before I started the programme. Will have another look through though, thanks 👍🏻

Hi Readrunner, firstly congrats on getting through W1. Great advice below.....

i experienced exactly the same pains you describe after R2 on friday and was wondering whether to just stop or not. I have an old knee wound from years back that seemed to suddenly rear its head

after looking on the web and talking to her indoors, who is the font of all knowledge on these things, i did the following:

- waited until tuesday, the first full day after of "no pain".

- replaced by rather battered old trainers with decent ones fitted by a running shop.

- i think what helped most was watching other runners and how their feet hit the ground, from the pain i was getting i realised that this was probably one of the reasons? (the other being i m a big guy and the ground has been known to shake...!)

Anyway, tried again on W1R3 on tuesday (a full 4 days rest) and stepped as lightly as i could, slowed right down and concentrated totally on how my feet were hitting the ground and kept my head up and sure enough, felt ok at the end of it, next day slight twinge but yesterday clear so today its time for W2R1 and hope its going to be ok.

now i know my left knee could be a problem and that i am going to have to give it loads of tlc i am happy if necessary to "extend " the C25K week to say 9 -10 days to accommodate two rest days if needed but i am hoping that as i get used to running and get better at it i wnt need it.

anyway, grabbing my trainers and holding thumbs for today. keep at it and good luck

Thank you for taking the time to advise, great advice too! Looks like I’m gonna be out for a little while; saw my GP yesterday as the kneeis really painful just walking over short distance. Apparently I’ve damaged some ligaments and need to give it 4 weeks or so to improve 😒.

Thinking I might do some swimming in a couple of weeks to strengthen things before going back out there.

Thanks again!

Good luck, this is the second time i have started C25K for the same reasons, an old knee injury in my case. i have been taking it really easy and as my doc says "let pain be my guide", if it means i finish the course out of the 9 weeks so be it......

Take it easy and let yourself get well and see you on here in a few weeks time.

all the best to you

Thanks BigBear61, appreciate it 👍🏻


Great advice above. Well done so far... I had bad knees early on this but avoided hard surfaces and been pain free, then last couple of runs I’ve taken on some tarmac again and all is well. Gently does it for a while, your joints will strengthen over time.

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