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W3R2 - Jelly legs

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Struggled to motivate myself today, could be it was because I was later setting off - and was ready for lunch rather than running but couldn't excuse myself. Also had just come back from a 3 mile dog walk and was a bit jealous of my Cocker Spaniel Odie having chance now to rest! :D


So after figuring out that this run IS shorter than the rest at 25mins decided to cut my route a bit shorter so that my cooldown walk would bring me just about home.

Run went fine, pushed myself a bit more than usual, maybe because I knew I was capable of it after monday, and enjoyed the run. Decided to try and let the gradients dictate the pace I went at and was lucky my first 3min run was all downhill. On the flipside my 3 minute recovery walk was then all uphill but was ready to go again for the next 90.

Last 3 minute run ended on a small hill for the last minute and did feel the legs starting to feel a bit jelly like by then but made it all the same.

Still one more run to do but already looking forward to next week now, have decided I'm not going to record the warmup cooldown walks on strava from then on. I know pace isn't important at this stage, but feel having a better idea of the pace I'm actually running at may help me to decide later on whether I'm going too fast or too slow.

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Good run... very good run in fact. I track but rarely look at the stats... I’ll look back and see my progress after graduation. For now it’s that “comfortable” pace that you need and no app can tell you what that is... but you can by talking. I’m looking forward to seeing how my pace has evolved over this programme though.

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Just run.. steady and slow.. at this early stage just take each run and don't worry about stats...

Make sure as well you are fuelled for your run and well hydrated too:) jelly legs can be symptomatic of a drop in BP.. so you may have been hungry !

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That’s a really good pace, you’re doing great.... keep up the good work

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Keep smiling! 😸

Just one more and that's Week3 out of the way

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