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W3r2, no dog,1 hubby and the jelly belly

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So this morning, after an easy start to the day I prepared for my next high speed shuffle. No excuse to stop today as no dog, so the butt sniffing breaks were out.

Hubby decides he wants to come with me, fine but remember this isn’t a race its my high speed shuffle time.

So out we go, brisk walk around our estate to start and then the first 90 seconds, done and in the bag. Hubby they starts asking how far will we run, what pace and other mindless jibber jabber so when the first 3 min shuffle came up I was pleased to see he couldn’t talk and had to focus, I found this round so much easier than the first time, no breaks and thankfully hubby didn’t sniff any butts. The remaining runs were fine too so I can definitely see an improvement already.

After today’s session I was slightly annoyed that we didn’t seem to have gone the normal distance, 1.8 miles, normally it’s around 2.1, has anyone else found that? So maybe hubbys jibber jabber has a point and that whilst we are shuffling longer today’s pace was slower.

I track my distance on my Apple Watch, what do others use, would be great to see distances on the app don’t you think?

For those wanting to know how the jelly belly is doing, well it’s still there, and the custard slice I just stuffed in my face will make sure it keeps just hanging around, lol.

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Please don’t get hung up on distance yet. Just do the timed runs as instructed, the rest can come much later 👍🏃🏾‍♀️

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It's not about pace and distance or husband's come to that, just do the time..😊


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Forget distance.. just run.. slow and steady and enjoy:)

You did make me laugh about your hubby! I run alone, I find I have to focus on technique and breathing a lot and couldn't be doing with a partner yacking! I am sure he slowed you down. The question is, will he want to do it again??

I am doing W3R2 today, so your experience will motivate me! 😄👍

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