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So restarted the programme after graduating closely followed by Achilles tendanitis & 5 months off running. Loving starting from the beginning - I notice a lot of people worry about restarting from wk1 - but I feel great coz it’s so much easier than 1st time around!

Was thinking as jogging along in w6r1 - when I finish this why not start the programme again but try go faster & build each week on speed/ distance? Is that a thing? Or should I aim to stick to 30min runs??

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You could jog/run week one instead of walk/run... that’s actually a speed session in the Nike app! The problem with doing the whole programme like that though is that you shouldn’t go for speed every session... most runs need to be slow, check out a 5k race plan and you’ll see recovery (slow) long (slow-comfortable) tempo (slightly above comfortable) and speed (fast but intervals) runs, and most of the runs will be recovery. Chasing speed every run is not good, and often leads to the IC.

Welcome back... and you’re nearly through this again... keep enjoying it.


Welcome back.

Take care coming back after injury......... keep it slow to avoid further injury.

As UnfitNoMore says, once graduated you will need to vary the pace of your runs to maximize development. Many have suggested the run/run reprise of C25K, some have started, but to date I don't know of anyone completing it............ there's a challenge.

I assume that you have read the guide to the plan

Enjoy your journey........ again.

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