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Want to run but can’t!


Gutted I can’t run tomorrow. Should be doing w2r3. Ran last thurs morn and I’ve somehow damaged my ankle i can’t put much weight on it! So annoyed as don’t know how I did it!! Hoping it doesn’t undo all my progress 😢

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Take it easy... rest and ice. So annoying, especially as you're now getting going, but a little TLC and you'll be moving onto w3 before you know it. Good luck!


Sorry about that 2009114 but you are very wise on not running at all, no need to go right back to the beginning of the program unless you are off for more that two weeks, even then it would be back to the start of week 2, if you are are off for more than a month which I hope you will not, then you would need to repeat the course from week 1

I just hope that you can get back to running and C25K as soon as possible.

Thanks I hope so too! I think it’s the impact from running on concrete Tuesday as I usually run on grass!


It won't.... let it heal and do some simple exercises to keep things moving..Do check out the advice on injury in the FAQ for Newbies:)

In the same boat, managed to hurt my knee on last run. It’s only a niggle but won’t go away. Advised on here yesterday to wait and not to rush back but I so want to run.

20091114 in reply to Ecko-48

So annoying isn’t it! I feel like I’m going to struggle now when I go for my next run!

It really is, when I started running in February never thought I would get to a point of missing it. I’m five weeks into C25K and took part in a very very slow park run. It excites me and worried about the lay off. Guess we have to be patient but going to buy knee support today.

So frustrating seems to have gotten worse! Not too painful but I know I can’t run yet. I should be starting week 3 now so annoyed I’m falling behind! Can’t rest it too much either as have to walk the dog every day!

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