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Lapsed, but want to try again

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Hi all,

I completed my c25k in April, ran a 5k for charity, raised A LOT of money and was generally delighted with myself ...

Problem is I have literally not ran ONCE since then, was like I lost all motivation when I had achieved my target. I’d like to try and build running back into my routine, but wondering after 4 months without a single run where in the program should I start back into?

Anyone experienced anything similar?

Thank you!

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You’ve completed the programme, your still a runner, try the Nike Run Club app, it has lots of guided runs of various times and distances and Coach Bennett is brilliant . It’s free too, give it a go 👍

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You could try Couchphoenix suggestions BUT as you have NOT ran for 4 months I think you should restart C25K from week 1, if it had only been a month off running you could restart at week 3 or 4 but 4 months off running, it would be wise to go back to week 1.

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Well done for completing your C25k round one and raising loads of money for charity too - they are both things to be really proud of.

It sounds to me like you need both the structure of a plan and a target to aim for and that should get you back on track. I was off running for 6 months due to injury, so I reran the whole of C25k again. You begin to lose running fitness after two weeks, so you will be the best judge of whether you need to restart from week 1 or not (C25k is probably the best option). The alternative is to do a trial run and see what you can comfortably manage? If this run includes walk intervals that's fine, take them if you need them. The key is not to push yourself too hard on this first outing as you will have to progress forward from your starting point. So keep it realistic and don't let your ego take over on that first trial run back otherwise you could open up a real can of worms that leads to the IC.

Treat your first run as your benchmark run and progress from there. The C25k structure is probably the best and safest to use for your return journey. Good luck!

You won't do any harm by starting at W1........ your body needs to get reconditioned to the impact of running.

Some people do one run from each week until they land on a challenge, then follow the plan from there.

Always better to err on the side of caution than get injured.

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Thanks all, I laced up almost as soon as I hit ‘post’ on that message, no turning back!

I tried w4, found the 5 mins runs but hard so did more walking than running. Going to drop back another week or two and build it up again

Thanks for the support!

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