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First run done, that's the first barrier down


Hi. I'm a newbie. I am 62 and about to retire from work in a few months. I have never been so unfit so my motivation is primarily to get running and, allied with a better diet, lose some pounds and inches along the way. The W1R1 went as well as can be expected. Only problem was when the music of choice threw up L. A. Woman by The Doors which resulted in those run segments being a little quicker than the others ! I think not going too fast is going to be key for me over the coming weeks. Today is a rest day and can you believe that I am really upset about that. I want to go out again. That from a man who delayed the start by about a week by generally inventing all sorts of excuses for not starting.

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Well done ! I’m at wk 4 , and realise the importance of pacing yourself.

Ie .going as slow as is poss without walking!


Good job breaking the barriers down. I spent a while in the “I might do this” stage, then a week or so in the “I will do this” mindset, but nothing beats “just did it”

Slow and steady is indeed the key. Don’t think about pace, forget about distance, it’s just you and the clock. You can do it.

AmblermanGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks so much for the encouragement and the sound advice.


Welcome... well done and check this post for Newbies out.:)

There are quite a few of us seasoned runners on here.. I Graduated at 65 and am here still running at 68 :)

Slow and steady is the mantra... There is along way to go before those 30 minute runs....

Rest days are non negotiable, and there is so, so much exercise, non impact, you can do on the rest days, if you have loads of surplus energy. Core strength and stamina exercise work will pay dividends.

Link this with a healthy eating regime and you are on to a winner... :)

Keep posting for terrific support and encouragement:)

AmblermanGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks very much for the link. I should have read it earlier. Thanks also for the clarification on rest days. I genuinely thought it meant nothing other than walking.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Amblerman

Oh days can be really great fun...:)

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