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So after a very long day full of meetings and problem solving ( 14 hrs) (it’s tough at the nearly top! ) I got ready to feel the pain! But it did not come - it was an amazing session! So pleased and really spurs you on.

Now I am getting a little niggle just below my knee ( I am heavy so the knees are taking a pounding). It recovered in between run 1 and run 2 this week but did have to take painkillers yesterday! Not sure if I should get a brace or what to do?

Now as for my shopping list - wow that’s changed also! I have never been an unhealthy eater but am impressed with my list lol

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Congratulations! Sometimes the good or even the best runs happen when we least expect it or on the days we really don't feel like going out running.

Regarding the knee - do you have a proper running shoes? Maybe change path to grassy one to take off some of the impact away? Gel for muscles before, cooling spray or cold compress after running, good dynamic stretching before and static stretches after run. Maybe think about supplementation - when I had a big knee issues, I was taking JointCare Max (from Seven Seas) and Calcium+Magnesium (from Boots). The thing is that supplements are usually working after 10-12 weeks o daily intake.

The easy way - take additional rest day to give your knees more break.

Good luck and have a nice rest day!


Good run... I like running at the end of the day, it clears the stresses.

Knees may need more rest. Check footfall, you want that flat for ease and under your body. You can run in a knee brace, I ran in two early in the programme, but it will slow your development slightly as it protects... and I also saw my nurse and GP before doing so. Maybe a support would be better than a brace... or the magic tape that physios sometimes put on. Anti inflammatory pills helped me, and I’ve been pain free for a few weeks now, despite having dodgy knees for years. I tend to avoid hard surfaces still, but I have been on the tarmac a couple of times now.

Sometimes gait analysis will help... but you may already be in the right type of shoe so it may not.

That's brilliant. I finished week 3 this morning and almost enjoyed it as much as the dog 😂

My knees are hurting too, glad it's not just me 😁

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