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W3R1 did it! Whoopee...

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Thats w3r1 completed...it went fast! Didnt think could do 3 minutes run but kept going!


(Come on peskymouse and every one ...you can do it).

thank you all for the support every one...have a good day!


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Well done and keep going!

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Only one run ahead of you.. ( just done wk 3 run 2) so I can honestly say, WELL DONE!!

I was musing only yesterday , it was interesting how on week 2, one thought 1/2 mins was 'hard', then wk 3 you think, oh that's ' easy' - stick with it!! Does make you ' trust' the programme more ( even if i doubt my OWN capacity!)

So , well done!

Well done! Stick with the plan and it will get you there. I'm currently on my last run of week 5 tonight and didn't think I could do this after Week 1 Run 1 and now I've just done 8 mins running (x 2) and looking at 20 mins tonight.

Keep going, you're doing fantastic. xx

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W3R1 for me tonight and surprisingly I'm looking forward to it. Doing this myself so this forum is a great help for me and keep me at it and believe I can do this

Well done. I think it's amazing we did it. I wonder what miracle is next in store for us.

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Fran04 in reply to Peskymousie

Peskymouse Im hoping the miracle will see me through W3R2 on thursday ...hope your one is the same...


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Peskymousie in reply to Fran04

You can do it. Have faith. Plan a reward for completion. For example, a nice long bubble bath?, a nice cold apple juice?, get to watch a recording of your favourite show? Or in my case a nice cup of coffee.

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Good Luck Fran, you can do this !

Youre doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx

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