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W2R3 done. Scared of W3R1!


I've never run before in my life. I never could. But I play a lot of tennis so I thought this programme would give me an extra edge during a match.

Having conquered my fear of being laughed at (no-one has, no-one looks, no-one cares!), I've just finished W2R3.

And it was fine.

However, I now have a massive mental hurdle for W3R1. I haven't looked at what's in store (no spoilers, please) but I feel I haven't progressed enough to tackle whatever lies in store.

It's going to be a massive effort to get out there on Friday, if I manage it at all.

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All your fears are perfectly normal. I don't think at any stage I felt I was ready for the next step up, but you know, I managed every run. It's all about having faith in the programme. It truly does work, you know. If you have finished every run of the previous week, you WILL have progressed enough for the next week. You will see...

Try not to overanalyse it, just go for each run with an open mind, and take it very slowly. You will be fine.

I am 46 years old, and completed C25K last November. Prior to this, I had not run in 20 years. I was not doing any cardio exercise, and I completed every single run…I am still running now and still in awe of the fact that I can!

Sadie-runs x

JulessnGraduate in reply to Sadie-runs

Thank you. I think you're right, I'm overthinking it. I shall do my best to shut out the negative thoughts over the next 48 hours!

Sadie-runsGraduate in reply to Julessn

Yeah, I definitely find that not thinking about it helps! In fact, I used to get up super early in the morning for my runs (still do, actually), before my brain had the chance to start worrying! I have a lovely quote for you that I saw on a white-board at my local train station today:

"Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever has."

So never doubt. Just do. :-)

I think week 3 will surprise you, I enjoyed week 3 it's the shortest time wise.

Just think about today not tomorrow, that's what I'm trying to do, I've just completed week 4 and cannot for the life or me imagine me running for 30 minutes but all I'm thinking about is today's run not next week's. Stick with it and be positive, good luck 🍀


Be confident that if you have made it through each run, you are ready for the next one when it comes. W3 is a nice week.

But you need to balance whether fear of the unknown is better or worse than knowing. It’s a personal thing but I wouldn’t have got to the end sane if I hadn’t known what I was facing next.

Waddya mean I didn’t make it to the end sane?!? 😜

I always look at the next week and think nope thats going to be the week i fail, but guess what I start week 5 tomorrow and i have loved every bit of it, I am sure you will be fine just trust the programme i am 19+ stone asthnmatic and diabetic but getting there. You will be fine enjoy the journey;)


Just to update, I did W3R1 this morning and was actually surprised how well I coped. Not knowing what was in store definitely helped.

My son came with me and acted as both a support and paceman so I didn't go too fast and wear myself out.

He also forced me to eat scrambled eggs an hour before we went - normally I run without having eaten anything, only having drunk plenty of water. I shall do the same again on Sunday. Yum.

MoreofashuffleGraduate in reply to Julessn

good on you well done



Personally, I have always looked at what is coming up next so that I can plan my route. Based on how far I'm likely to go and making sure there are no busy roads that I'm likely to come across.

The programme gradually builds up your muscles, stamina and endurance so that you are prepared for each step up. As long as you remember to take it slow and steady, you should be fine.

I can understand the fear, however, I think that knowing what is to come gives you a certain control of it.

Not sure what others think?

Good luck.

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