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W3R1 & my first ever post!

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Hello everyone!

I'm new to this board & I'm just about to do my first run of week 3. To be honest, I'm surprised I've even made it this far on the programme having not done any sort of exercise for about 5 years!

I've been doing my runs outside on carefully planned routes (where I'm not likely to see another living soul mostly πŸ˜‚) however it's so foul outside I'm going to use the treadmill tonight. I have to say, the thought of running for 3 minutes solid is filling me with dread, I feel like I've barely made it through the 90 second runs of week two but I'm hoping I'll continue to surprise myself as much as I have done the last fortnight, although any words of advice would be gratefully received!

Hope everyone's evenings are going well, whatever you may be doing!

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Khamps you know what to do by now, slow and steady and listen to Laura, the treadmill can be a mixed blessing, you get a constant measured speed but it's soooooo boring, I'd put a towel over the clock otherwise you will be watching those seconds tick by. I know I did the first 3 weeks on the mill.

That's really interesting. I'm worried about trying to run WITHOUT the clock on the treadmill. I always find it really motivational -- because surely I can always do another ten seconds!

Haha I know exactly what you mean the only difference is my last exercise was more like 35 years rather than 5 years. I did all my running outside but tried to avoid being seen. It was still fairly bright in the mornings when I started so you can imagine the time I was getting up just to avoid being seen in public. Every week brings a new challenge that when you look ahead to the other weeks it can be off putting. The best thing to do is trust the programme and let it happen. You can do it.

I know I said don't look ahead but realistically the programme includes long runs in week 5 so if you make it through that in my opinion you can make it to the end. So ... you're really half way there!

Paul46- you were so right! I was trying everything to not watch the clock! Going to take a little square of duck tape to stick over the clock next time. BUT- I managed all the runs, no stopping, and didn't feel like I was going to cough up a lung at the end of them so maybe the regulated speed helped me to not burn myself out too quickly.

OldWheezer I can imagine it was ridiculously early, what a commitment to make! The beauty of this time of year is that it's almost permanently dark so haven't struggled too much to find an appropriate level of darkness, I'm not sure I'd be on week 3 if it involved really early mornings! Fingers crossed by the time it gets a bit lighter I won't look so comical during my runs haha.


Well done on getting to your 3rd week, it really is a great feeling when you succeed each step. I only joined tgus group when I was at week 4 and I graduated 2 weeks ago. I had never done any kind if running before but always fancied the idea.... I'm now hooked and I'm literally waiting at the door for my hubby to come home from work so I can get out!!!!

Stick to what Laura tells you and you shouldn't go far wrong. I find that getting my breathing into a good rhythm really helps.

I was left feeling amazed after each run as I struggled running for 1 minute...never mind 30!!!!

If I can do it....anybody can πŸ˜‚

Good luck

KHamps88 in reply to Lina_lou

I honestly never thought I'd run anywhere unless I was being chased! I'm not quite there loving the runs yet but I feel like a goddess afterwards & that's what I keep reminding myself of when my motivation is flagging. Well done for completing all 9 weeks! I'm sure you don't look red faced at all, you're amazing!


Oh I meant to say, all my runs have been in the darl too!! I'm hoping by Spring that I'll look less Red faced !!!

It's funny I've been reading a few forums and everybody is trying desperately to not be seen running. If I'm driving along and i see a runner I have nothing but respect (and envy). We should be proud to be making an effort. Today I started day 1 week 1 and thought it was too easy so did day 1 week 2 on the way home. Hope I can move tomorrow.

nhs2015Graduate in reply to 1066maz

There is so much pressure in this world Marie to look good. It is all pretence of course because "good" is what is the fashion of the day, but it can stress us a lot because we want to belong to the "good" look group. The marketing agencies are very clever. As we get better and older we gain our confidence and accept and are proud of what we look like and how we move.

I think also as women we are more under pressure than men. Men can have a lot of other attributes to be great, while women may need to pass the "looking good" test first.

Off my soapbox now......


You will totally amaze yourself.. I remember being thrilled that I could run for 60 seconds...and making it to running for 30 minutes.. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!

You will totally get there.. slow, steady and do not give a mind to anyone else when you are out there running.. I don't.. 65... funky leggings and the style and grace of a grey snail... who cares... just go for it and do it!

Go you...:)


Yeah precisely. Who cares? No-one. You are invisible to everyone else. You just imagine they're looking at you. No worries though if you do want to run away from folks you know, I did! After a while though you think to hell with it, and come out the closet into the light. Wahay!

Have fun!


Every week has been an amazement

I love running on a treadmill. It helps so much to be able to keep pace and know exactly how far through the run I am -- but I know a lot of people disagree! Be proud you are doing so well! :)


I am sure there are loads of people who felt like you , I know I certainly did , I hadn’t done any running for about 3 years, you will surprise yourself, don’t worry about other people ,if you can do it outside it is so much better and less boring. I know you will do it just


Sorry pressed wrong button , just believe in yourself πŸ˜„πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

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