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So near yet so far, had a good night's sleep and felt up for my run this morning, did my extended 20 minutes warm which has really helped my running and set off and I can now feel the difference when I'm running well. I did 4.98k in the 30 minute run which was very pleasing and then I looked at the stats on Map my Run and Wtf happened in the 4th Kilometre? I wasn't aware of slowing down I had no aches and pains and so close to the elusive 5k. Never mind onwards and upwards and I will do it. Maybe on Thursday in the final run.

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Great run. It’s possible you had a gps issue in km4, look for a straight line in that segment in the map screen... if you did that would probably account for the extra time and also will have lost you a little distance. Of maybe you slowed subconsciously. Either way, next run is graduation and that’s what really matters... and that extra 20 metres won’t take more than a few seconds!


Great run hatter, well done! Don’t worry about whether you slowed down, you might have just naturally done it as your body got tired. The fact is you ran for 30 minutes and your so close to your 5k, you can do it on Thursday no probs. Good luck for graduation 🎓

HATTER8142Graduate in reply to Run1980

So frustrating tho when I did the next Kilometre about a minute quicker and was then only 20 metres short of the 5k.

Run1980Graduate in reply to HATTER8142

I know but I always speed up a little when I’m on my last stretch. Don’t worry tho because I’m sure you’ll do that

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