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Week 3 run 2

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Hey all.

Just been out and completed 2nd run of week 3 🙌🏻

I haven’t run since Sunday as my body aches so much so missed Wednesdays run. I’m glad I got back on it though. My breathing was better today, but my legs really hurt. Hopefully this’ll get easier. Will run again Sunday and see how this goes 😊 also- the seagulls must’ve been cheering me on. 🐦

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Good job... keep it slow and steady, land feet flat and under your body and aches will reduce over time. Enjoy Sunday.

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Just back from W3R2 too! Feeling very proudof myself - as I’m sure you are too! Got Sunday up for R3 but may end up having to delay till Monday - but hope not, I like the feeling of being on a roll with this. I’m 65 and I thought my running days were over!

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Vix82 in reply to RevRunner

Excellent job. You should be proud. I am too 😊. I never liked running but am actually quite enjoying it. Despite the aches.

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I think we have to wear our aches with pride - they mark our determination and achievement 😁

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