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1st run in morning


Hello 🙋‍♀️

lm 43 have 3 boys 2 now supposed be adults 1 almost there . Wanting to get thinner(or a little less wobbly at least ) and fitter. Im hoping to start the couch to 5k in the morning(been try to since monday ) but things keep cropping up and stopping me so far so good for tomorrow it looks like its gonna happen, im a little scared but a also excited. Any tips on motivation and getting in to a routine to keep it up most welcome.


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Don't rush be slow and steady. The first few runs are the hardest but stick with it. It's a half hour of your day so doesn't take long. Think of all the positives you've said. Gaining fitness ect. You will be amazed how you develop. I'm 46, couldn't hardly run for a minute and am on the last run of the programme tomorrow! I've lost weight and toned up. You can do this. Pop back and keep us updated on how you get on. X

Thank you x


Welcome Amberpants ! I’m a newbie too, currently repeating week 1 because I’m older than you and much more then just wobbly. I also have demanding family comments which always interfered with trying to be healthier, but I’ve just woken up to the fact that if I make healthy choices I’m helping them. I’m showing my kids that there is a choice and that changes can be made. I’m running (or in my case, waddling) for them.

It helps if you give yourself permission. You’re allowed to do this. You’re allowed to go slow (or fast) as you like. It’s ok to repeat- however many times you feel will help. It’s even better if you have fun ! This is liberty hall, and we’re all very glad to see you. Enjoy x

Thank you x

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You’re welcome ! Thinking of you as you start in today x


Welcome to the forum.

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Enjoy your journey.

The hardest part is starting, once you do I'm sure you'll find time, even look forward to it. Don't worry about every other day, it's 3-4 days sometimes if things crop up. As every else says, take it slowly and enjoy. Don't worry about times. Just getting out is good


Congratulations on your decision and starting! And to come to this forum - it can do magic :) Very supportive community of people who have similar struggles, or who went through it.

From my ways of motivation:

1. prepare clothes, so when you up in the morning, the easiest this is to put on what you have prepared the evening before

2. alarm clock saying 'It's time to have a great run' or similar

3. writing here, as it keeps me accountable

4. put on clothes and get out of the door are for me the most difficult part, so I prep all my tech beforehand

5. go slow and steady, and then even slower, no kidding, like an injured snail in tar, let all 90yo overtake you during their walk ;) no pressure, no worries

6. keep it positive - if you can't for (for now) 3 runs in a week, do two of them

7. if you need an extra rest day, take it

8. if you struggle after week or two, try to find different route

9. try different music, or no music at all

10. play with it, have fun with it

11. and remember every inch counts, every run counts

Welcome! Happy running!

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Thank you x

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I hope at least some of them helped / will help ;)


As you've noticed, the biggest hurdle is starting. Once you have done that the rest is, well, not easy, but well within your capabilities.👏

I still find it hard to get started, but the days I am not running I hate even worse. The running is actually the easy bit, although you will not agree until about week 6. The hard thing is the motivation.👣

Everyone's situation is different, but I decided it had to be first thing in the day, that way nothing could pile up on me. I get up before my wife, straight from PJ's to Running kit, pit stop, and off for my warm up walk and then the run. I get home usually as she is starting breakfast - I think she appreciates having the bathroom uncluttered by husbandiness.😬🛀

So I recommend having a routine, and teaching those around you that it is sacrosanct, it is your space, and they are not to invade it. But that then places the responsibility back on you to use that privilege to get your running in.

Welcome to the Runners.✔‼

Thank you x


Hello and welcome Amberpants03 , it is a little bit scary starting out into the unknown but no need to be scared it will be your first steps to a healthier and better you.

It isnt always easy juggling family/life etc and starting a new regime. It does take commitment from you to be able to do the runs, you have already shown that by joining the forum and posting .

Lots of good advise already given , bottom line it is so worth the effort , trust the program, it works, believe in yourself, you can do it and most important is to enjoy it ..

Yes there will be tough days butthe good days and benefits far outway those...

Good luck not that you need it and keep posting with your progress 😊

Thank you x

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