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Back after 51 days off

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This programme is amazing! Due to lots of personal schizzle I hadn'run for 51 days, went out yesterday in rather hilly Tenerife and I bloody made it!! No, I am not built like a gazelle, about 2 stone overweight and 60 years old, parts of it were mega snail and I had to shout at myself a couple of times but I did it. My point is that if you do have a break for any reason, do not think you have thrown all your hard work away and all is lost. Your brain retains all those weeks of training so do not despair, pop your running shoes on and get back out there :-)

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That's really good to know , hope your schizzle gets better and well done. 😃

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Great job... shows that your fitness levels were really good as 51 days would definitely see you lose some.

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