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Haven't written/ updated for the last week. Lost my mojo a little bit in the last week. W7R1 was ok but runs 2 and 3 were tough. Run 2 my mindset was all wrong and I struggled from the get-go. Very 'heavy' run. Waiting for Sarah to tell me 5 minutes had gone by then the halfway mark and so on. Run 3 wasn't quite as bad but thighs were feeling it. It was a slow run and I don't know if I'm talking pants but it seems the slower I am the more my legs struggle. I'm pretty sure I know why run 2 was tough. The culprit... a bottle of Prosecco the night before!! I have considered repeating week 7 or maybe even gong back to week 6. But have decided to drink loads of water today and have an early night as it needs to be an early morning run tomorrow. I'll see how I go with W8R1 - a 28 min run and then make my decision. Fingers crossed the JOY will be back again!

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🤞hope you find the love


Well, you got through those runs... good work. You’re ready for week 8. I also struggle to find a slower pace and feel uncomfortable, but I’m gonna try again next week with 3 identical runs so gonna try and get a low gear on the first two.

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