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Started week 2

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After run 3 last week I contemplated repeating the week but after encouragement on here decided to move forward. Did r1 of W2 this morning and did it fine! I think I found it easier that last week - maybe that is the point πŸ˜‚ that you are getting fitter all the time without realising!! Although breathing was all over the place I did all of the 90 second runs πŸ˜€

One small thing I wonder if anyone else finds this is what to do with my head 🀣 it tends to fall sideways which makes my neck ache but looking down or up does not feel right!! It’s like my head is too heavy for my neck - not something I thought would bother me!!

Probably just me being strange!! Anyway this seems to distract me from the time so not all bad 🀣🀣🀣

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I did the same run today my breathing on the first run was all over the place after the first run but got better as it went on!


With head... I didn't notice that with me. I tend to look ahead, kind of the end of the path I am running at with occasional looking down to avoid any surprises, if you know what I mean ;)

Good luck! Happy running!


Good stuff jellybean46.

I repeated week 1 three times over! But today I have said goodbye to it and will be joining you on Week 2.


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