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C25K Wk 5

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I've completed run 1 and am set to do run 2 tomorrow. I feel relatively confident about run 2 but much less so about run 3 which I plan to do on Friday 😬. It's good reading the posts here and seeing how oeoole have achieved run #3 by staying really steady from the outset so that's my plan. I still feel this could be the week I will need to repeat. My track has a couple of inclines which I struggled with in the first week or so but am now coping with well. I hope I don't sabotage myself by including these on Friday. I have a rather obsessive/stubborn personality with OCD tendencies so I know I will find it hard to change my route πŸ™„

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Wow your doing it. The run3 in week 5 scared the crap out of me.. how was I going to run for 20 mins without stopping.. it’s possible just take it slow and get your pace, the voices in your head will say you can’t do this .. it’s a mind game you can do it. When you have completed that run the feeling is so worth it I actually cried a little with joy. I’m now on week 7 and did my second 25min run yesterday and while it’s still hard I am starting to feel like a runner now

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Ah that's fantastic to hear. I think I will definitely cry a little, tbh I already did during week 3 when I completed the first run with a 3 minute run 😊. I hope i can manage but if not, I will keep trying.

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