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I have a regular place for my bi-daily runs and I do a warm-up walk from the car park to a certain point. I know from years of dog walking that it is about 5 minutes... or so I thought! I timed it a couple of days ago, and it takes a mere 2 minutes - opps! It normally takes 5 due to the hound sniffing, paddling in the river and whatever else she finds to do.

A couple of runs ago I timed a good brisk walk before I started running. The run was easier - much, much easier. The initial 5 minutes does make a difference.

Peeps, don't skip this warm-up. Running on warm legs is so much nicer.

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Timely reminder as we go into the cooler climate. I know I can’t start running in winter until I can feel my toes. Those freezing runs still feel a long way off yet but I’m sure they are round the corner. 😀.

Gosh I don’t want to think about those cold dark runs yet!

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Running when no one else can see! Wonderful... get a half-decent head torch. I use an Alpkit one. A UK outdoor company with a foundation attached and they are very good and quite cheap. I also use the monster Petzl Nao+ for any serious open-moor walking and running.

I agree Sallycycle

You are so right! It makes a difference. Every element of this programme is so well thought out isn't it? Amazing!

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