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How did you manage the jump from week 5 run 2 to 3?


So at the moment I'm on week 5 and completed run 2 last night with no problems. But I was looking ahead to the next run and I'm supposed to keep running for 20 minutes?! Woah, that seems like a huge step up from run 2! Any advice or tips? I'm sure I shouldn't be questioning the all powerful Laura but this seems too much for me.

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I promise you that you can do it. It’s amazing how physically your body has adapted. It’s more mentally that you need to overcome. In my head I played a game of 5 mins.... every 5 mins I said I can do another 5 I can keep going... even when I thought I couldn’t do it I said to myself 5 mins more. Little chunks. You can do this. It feels amazing once you finish it. Good luck

You will be able to do it, really! Trust the programme. All those previous runs have been building your body up for this specific run, which in turn will prepare you for runs to come.

Dial your pace back to super slow if you find you’re struggling. You’ll do it, and you’ll be on cloud 9 afterwards!

Good luck! 👏👏👏

I did and I am! haha

ScarlettbunnykinsGraduate in reply to peanutbutter__

I did Run 2 today and it was good, but I've got my Run 3 on Friday and was dreading it. This is so good to read! Well done!!!!

Me too!! 🤦‍♀️


W5R1 you run/brisk walk for 21 minutes

W5R2 you run/brisk walk for 21 minutes

W5R3 you run for 20 minutes

The jump is in your head.............. you can do this!


Slow and steady and just let the legs do what they are doing...It is a different run, it is NOT a dragon! Take the sound positive advice and the facts from IannodaTruffe .

Relax, trust the plan and KNOW you are going to do this:)

You're right, I followed the advice on here and I got through it! thanks so much!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to peanutbutter__

Huge well done you! Keep that in mind as you move onwards...:)

I feel like that as well didn’t think I’d manage run 2 last night but did I have no idea how I’ll do 20 mins 🙈

It is daunting I’ll be doing it on wed. Let me know how ur getting in we can soo do this

AudenGraduate in reply to lorrainbow

I’m also doing this one on Weds...gulp. My plan is to go as slow as possible but still be considered running not walking!

lorrainbow in reply to Auden

Ha ha my Fitbit doesn’t recognise me as running I’m so slow it’s so annoying 😢😢

ickleguiGraduate in reply to Auden

Speed and speed relative to walking are irrelevant. You could do a running action slowly and a walk fast - faster than the run. If you are pushing off the ground each step, then you're running (you might call it a light jog, as the app does). lorrainbow - your fitbit is irrelevant, it clearly doesn't know what action you are doing!

You might see definitions of running that state a particular speed - either ignore them or embrace your status as a jogger! Slow running is good for you anyway. Look up 'niko niko' slow running :)

How did you get on? I completed it last night and I'm so happy about it! I can't believe that just 5 weeks ago I was celebrating running for 5 minutes and now I'm capable of 20. This feels like a real milestone.

Hiya yeh I feel the same can’t believe I did it I’m not gonna day it was easy it was so tough and I am really really slow but I couldn’t even run 60 seconds before and now I’m doing 20 mins well did it once lol will see what week 6 brings


I’ll be doing W5R3 on Saturday. Still got R2 to get through first.

We can do this 😁🏃‍♀️

peanutbutter__ in reply to jlw34

How did you get on? I did it last night and got myself through it!

jlw34Graduate in reply to peanutbutter__

I really enjoyed run 2. The big 20 tomorrow at parkrun. Well done on completing yours. You must be so chuffed 😊


I have just got back from finishing W5R3 - I had the same trepidation, and when I heard Michael start to chime in the first time I was sure he was going to tell me I'd done 10 minutes and was halfway - slightly crushing to hear him say I'd done 5 minutes. But after the first 5 I stopped focusing on waiting to be told I could stop and just focused on breathing and one foot in front of the other, and then it was done. Feeling like I can take on anything for the rest of the day now! Good luck, you can do it.

Mayanow in reply to Melissal

That's exactly it!!! As soon as you stop thinking about time and distance you go on automatic and running becomes a journey, not a destination! You've got it!

Flutegirl in reply to Melissal


Thanks so much, I did it!

MelissalGraduate in reply to peanutbutter__

Congratulations, well done you! Feels great, doesn't it?

We are doing run 2 tonight and I’m concerned about the leap to 20 mins next run. But I’m also telling myself that 6 weeks ago I couldn’t even run for a minute before this app changed our lives. Good luck :)

hudsondogletsGraduate in reply to Mellikins

I’m doing run 2 tomorrow and then #3 on Friday. Your comment is perfect!

Do you remember how heavy your legs were for that first run? I thought I was going to die!

hudsondogletsGraduate in reply to Mellikins

Yes for sure. I remember praying that 60 seconds would come to an end!

I did it! Absolutly chuffed about it! It was more of a mental challenge than physical, just like everyone here has said. I got through it by setting little goals along the way. I decided to aim for 12 minutes and then see how I felt...that came and went no problem, so I went for 16 minutes...and then at the point there's only 4 minutes left and I didn't want to quit then. Believe in yourself and you can definetly do it!

hudsondogletsGraduate in reply to peanutbutter__

Well done you that’s fantastic. My turn today I will channel your positivity. I’m going around 10 am, really looking forward to it 😊


Also running this one on Weds. good luck!


You just do.... Laura hasn't let you down so far has she? She knows what she's doing, you can do it, just don't panic , nice and slowly, just keep plodding along...

It is but, as wise laura says:

"You can do this!"

It is a mind over matter. Physically you can do it. You think you can't. All of us here are living running proofs!!! 😁


No woah about it, everyone but everyone goes What? 20 minutes, no way ...

Wrong, very wrong it is just the next step along the way, everything you have done so far has built you to do it , You CAN do it, just take it as it comes slow and steady, focus and say I CAN do this 😊😊you will do it ..

You're right, I did it!

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