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W5R1 - A fox on the prowl and, um, two guys in their underwear


You see some interesting things when you’re out and about, although when you’re running you can’t really stop for a better look. Sometimes that’s for the best.

I don’t know why those men were stood outside that house in their underwear at night. I don’t know what they were laughing about. I don’t know what they said as I walked by. It’s probably for the best. Whatever the occasion was they seemed to be enjoying it so good for them!

That was during my first cool down walk but during my second circuit around that part I saw something more interesting. At first I thought it was a dog but when t looked up at me I realised it was a fox. In my experience, when a fox sees a person, it runs. I know this but it still didn’t stop me thinking, just for a split second, what if today is the day the foxes stop being scared and rise up against their human oppressors? It could happen! It didn’t. The fox ran away. Not today, nature!

So today was three blocks of five minutes, which to be honest is just perfect at this point. Individually those are nice and manageable and they add up to a nice tidy 15 minute run to be proud of. It’s just the right amount to get the heart pumping and take some effort but not so much that I struggle. I’m really looking forward to doing a whole week of OH MY GOD I JUST SAW WHAT THE REST OF THE WEEK IS LIKE.

Well, ok then. Challenge accepted.

We have visitors this weekend. They’re going to be greeted by a very sweaty Edam rolling up to them on Friday evening.

Ok that’s then, this is now. It was a good run and I feel great, as I do another routine sweaty shop around Tesco where I can show off my glowing, shiny forehead. Here I am, ladies. Maybe don’t get too close.

Thanks to a an overtired boy refusing to brush his teeth it had to be a night run again but I decided to stay close to home this time so I did some circuits around the footpath around the houses. I did alter my route occasionally if I was in danger of getting too close to judgemental young people walking in the same direction I wanted to run in, just to make it especially awkward and drawn out when I try to overtake. I mean, they looked judgemental when I was judging them but I guess I’ll never know.

It wasn’t quite an easy run but it wasn’t far off. It was manageable which was why I liked it so much but now Jo Whiley expects me to push myself on Wednesday? COME ON.

Nah, I am looking forward to it. I want to see what I can do and if I can’t do it I want to keep doing it until I can, so I’m with you all the way, Jo.

There’s not really much to say about it. I came, I ran, I sweated and isn’t that what it’s all about? I will cautiously look forward to the week ahead.

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Well done x sounds like an eventful evening! 😂😂😂

It was nice and quiet apart from that, I just looked ahead and kept going!


I’m a fairly focussed runner, but I think that if on my 25 minute run this Friday I happen upon some women in their underwear I may just have to abort and try again Sunday 😂

Always great to see a Fox I think and yeah, no uprising any time soon I think.

Well done... great run. You’re so ready for the challenges ahead, enjoy them.

I don’t know, maybe it ran off to get the others. I will keep an eye on the situation in case it escalates...

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to Preserved_Moose



Interesting post from you, interesting regarding the fox, they don't always run away from us humans, about a year ago I was out walking to collect my groceries when passing a wood, this young fox walked right in front of me into bushes on the right-hand side of the path I was walking on, I could have touched that fox as it was so close, it did not run, just walked in front of me, as for those men you saw, just as well you passed them, seems to me that they were up to no good.

I used to live in a houseshare with a garden so overgrown it was inaccessible. But we had a family of foxes living there, nice little sanctuary for them!

I’m sure those guys were harmless, whatever they were doing. Although they weren’t really in a position to laugh at the runner considering the situation.


There's a one man play about a guy who loses his job and gets dumped in short order, stops sleeping, and starts talking to the foxes.

Just saying :)

Great run (who knows what the Underwear Men were doing!) and run report - love the part where the settle into the idea of three runs the same this week and then OH MY GOODNESS :) ! You'll do great. No settling on this plan, you get pushed! Gently mind, it's only up from 15 to 16 first :) .

Great, now I’m scared that play is foreshadowing my life! Thanks for planting that seed for me to overthink...

It was a good run, the underwear men looked like they’d come out of a sauna so who knows, maybe they had one installed in their house and that’s as much as I’m willing to analyse it!

The next run... well, we’ll see. I do not feel rested enough for it yet!

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