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WK 5 Run 3


Well I faced my fears this morning and did the 20 min run and you know what I bloody well did it!! It has been so helpful seeing other people post about this particular run and how they felt made me feel less worried and reassured that most of us feel the same! So great to find such a supportive community of people and now to look forward to the challenge of week 6!

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Fantastic job. That’s one of the most feared runs completed. You got this... enjoy week 6.


It's a run.... that is all... and you are ready for each and every one:)

You did brilliantly... as you will for all the ones to come:)


Well done Gamergirl!! You’ve done an amazing job!! Don’t worry about W6! Just take it slow and you’ll be just fine!! Fantastic!! ❤️


Brilliant and well done! It's such a great achievement isn't it! Enjoy week 6, take it slowly, as it can bite you on the bum, so to speak, but you can do it 👍. Have fun and enjoy the running, it's fab 🏃😁🏃


Well done! I bet you feel super proud, so you should!!

You will smash week 6 I’m sure. We’re all here to spur you on!

Woo hoo! The first landmark run smashed! 🏃‍♀️✅

Beware W6R1 and R2. Read some of the other posts about them and don’t get carried away with the (natural) euphoria you’re currently feeling after running for 20 minutes. You’ll be fine though - just done be tempted to unleash your inner gazelle just yet! 😀🏃‍♀️👍

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