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Feel pleased. Last night I finally caught back up to the stage I’d reached before I went on holiday. I enjoyed my holiday but on reflection wish I’d kept on running while I was away! Couldn’t believe you could lose your fitness so quickly.

First run when I got home I only managed 5 minutes and had to stop! I repeated weeks 5 and 6 and have now got one more to go on week 7. I’m now so pleased I pushed through and persevered when I came home.

Still finding it hard but back on track. And waiting for the “enjoying running” feeling to kick in....! Hopefully one day. I love the sense of achievement but can’t say I love the running yet!

4 Replies
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You’re not unusual... lots of lovers of running love it when it’s over 😂

Great job getting back up... enjoy the next.

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Well done for getting back to it. Running on hols is great by the way 🙂

Slow and steady, no rush 👍🏃‍♀️

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KatieJayne in reply to misswobble

I know! I’m trying to not get frustrated! I bet it’s nice to run with different scenery though isn’t it? I’ll def take my running stuff next time I go away 💪😊x

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misswobbleGraduate in reply to KatieJayne

It’s fab., there are a few posts on here about holiday running on here now

It doesn’t have to be abroad. I run anywhere new I get chance 😃

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