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W1R2 - Feel ok now but today was tough


It was. But now I’m in and had a stretch I feel much better.

Today, my chest hurt a lot whilst running. In my legs I feel I could run further, but my shortness of breath prevents me from doing it. And I remember now that this is the reason I have stopped running before... I never went to the docs - just thought I was unfit. So I stopped.

Does anyone on here get that?

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Yep, when I started I used to almost throw up where I was so out of breath and then some wonderful people on here told me to slow down and it's the best advice I've had. Embrace your inner snail 🐌, take your time and I'm sure it will be easier.

Good luck and keep us posted 😀 👍 🤞

Thank you Matilda. That makes me feel much better.


Same here. That horrible burning breathless feeling always stopped me running before - I just assumed that I wasn't capable of running. This app, and the advice on the forum, persuaded me to slow down and take it one segment at a time, and the breathlessness disappeared. Take it slow and you will do it!

Nia xx

Wow - thank you Nia!

Words of encouragement are helping big me so much on here!

You’re all brilliant.



Or.... something will less grammatical/word errors....

The running must be affecting my brain! 😂

It sounds to me like you’re going too quickly Sarah. There is no such thing as too slow. You might even find your slow run is slower than you walk, but that’s ok! 🐌🐌

Make sure you’re hydrated adequately too.

You’re doing great though - don’t give up, you’re gaining fitness and strength each week, really! 😀👏🏃‍♀️

Thank you!

I got to the second to last 60 sec run and I thought I wouldn’t do it... but I pushed through. Which I’m happy about now!

I have map my walk running at the same time so I can log my exercise for the week...and I get to a point where I want to beat my time. Also, I walked/ran 3.5k the first time and 3.3k today...I think that’s why I feel a bit deflated.

And I know I shouldn’t do this. But sometimes I need a bit of competition to get me going.

Thanks again - all advice greatly appreciated!xx

cheekychipmunksGraduate in reply to sarah_wrighty

The fact you felt like giving up on one of the runs, but didn’t, is epic! 👏👏👏 That’s your running mind overruling your couch mind! Good for you! 😀😀🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️


Yes, our breathing gets fast and we become aware of it and then, despite being able to breathe all day and night without our thought, we feel the need to control our breathing, and we can’t, and we panic, and then it gets worse!

The easiest way to control it is to slow down. The other good way is to not think about it, but this will need you to distract your thoughts away from it... maybe take a good comedy podcast with you, or something technical that would need your attention.

It does improve with fitness. The only mistake in your past was what you said... “just thought I was unfit. So I stopped”. Well, that’s actually the reason we came here and started this... so it’s not a reason to stop... it’s a reason to work.

You can do this.

Thank you for the motivation. I just read your story too.

Good luck with your 5k and your marathon!! You’re inspirational x

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to sarah_wrighty

We all are... I drew a lot of inspiration from those a few weeks ahead of me on this plan, most now graduates, some still working the programme and, of course, those around here who graduated long ago but give their time, some as admins, to help us all. You will become somebody else’s inspiration, you’ll give your experience and somebody will be just like you, worried about the same things, struggling at the same point. This thread you started has inspired somebody, you may have allowed people to see the answer to a question that they were afraid to ask. Keep being inspired and keep inspiring.


The legs are tricking you... just slow down...!

I am famous, ( infamous) for my slow and steady mantra... but..it actually does work!

You simply relax... take control of those legs... move gently, land lightly and just breathe...kiss the ground with your feet... look around, make up rhymes..names for the folk you meet.

At this stage, you are just beginning... shake out your hands and shoulders... and just go... but so gently that you are only just running.

Every single run will make you stronger, but, it takes time... :)

Well done for this and know that by being here and posting, you will be running with all of us:)

Thats a really lovely message.

Thank you xx


I.ll jump on the bandwagon like every else and say you need to.slow down..

You just need to run slow enough to complete each run ...

I remember my first runs.. they felt horrible...I felt like my my lungs were going explode and I felt like I was running so slow...

It does get better as you go on . It takes time but really the secret is to run as slow as you can ..you will get fitter and stronger 😀

Thank you - yes I think slowing down will be my next move/challenge. Although I’m not pelting it down the road. I think I am jogging. But I will go slower next time and see if that makes a difference



I had it when I started for my first time. My legs were ok for first weeks (I think 3), but my breath... I was struggling with every breath. I was going way to fast, I took an advice of slow and steady, and then even slower, so 80yo on a walk would overtake me. Going slow and regular runs cured me from cheast pain and grasping for every breath.

Good luck and happy running!

I am back now to week 1 due to long break, so I'm running with you. Today will be my run 3 of 1st week ;)

sarah_wrighty in reply to IgaT

Yes - I’m exactly the same. Breath is oh so quick and tight!

I’m slowing down.

W1R3 on Monday for me - got people round all weekend so we’re going on long walks.

Good luck. Xx

IgaTGraduate in reply to sarah_wrighty

Enjoy your walks!

I must admit that I had to fight my urge to run, as my slowed down pace was ... well, it didn't even resemble the run. I got overtake over and over. As a quite young and I thought quite fit person, it was a struggle. But it was totally worth it. I transformed from 'I hate running' into 'I like (and sometimes even love) running' person. Enjoy the surroundings, look at it with eyes of the kid or like you would see the place for the first time. It helped me ;)

sarah_wrighty in reply to IgaT

Thank you! I hope to like running... I’ve been a hater most of my life!


IgaTGraduate in reply to sarah_wrighty

I know the feeling. Just keep it slow and steady. Don't push to hard. I you need an extra rest day, just take it. I haven't finished the program, not yet. Enjoy the process. Some times I was repeating the runs, or I was doing only 2 runs per week. The important part it is go out and do your best, whatever it is or will be for that day.

Oh Sarah! I’d love to know how your next run goes, I have just finished week 1 after a blip and I was surprised to finish each of the runs!😂 It feels great to be able to tick each one off as progress and I really enjoy it. 💪🏻😊 Looking forward to the challenge of week 2 and just trying to take it steady.

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