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Made an arse of it!!!


Oh dear, I royally cocked it up tonight - W1R1 failed - I picked a place to run and felt so uncomfortable that after 2 sets I gave up - however I did then go for a 20 minute walk and did a 90 second run back to my car so I salvaged abit and did manage what runs I did quite easily. Question is shall I now try again tomorrow or leave it a day???

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Noooo it was W2r1 - my phone changed it 🙄🙄🙄

amanda2463 in reply to Crutty

Bless you just start again xxx

Crutty in reply to amanda2463

I did it!!! X

LancashireLass123Graduate in reply to Crutty

Me too! I just knew I was never going to do 90 seconds and so it proved to be..... I ended up just running as long as I could (60 seconds) and then did a brisk walk for the rest. On the 4th and subsequent 90 second runs I managed to complete them, but still I'm bummed out I didn't do it at the start. I'm going to repeat the week I think. And change my route, it's all uphill at the start and I think I might need somewhere flatter until I can run a bit further. Keep the faith!

Omg it's quite a challenge to actually find a route that's mostly flat - I went back to my original one tonight and just doubled back a couple of times. I managed the 90 second runs but the last one was more of a lunge - I must have looked quite special lol!! Anyway it didn't beat me in the end so good luck with yours and you also keep the faith hon!! X


Rest up... stretch... exercise and head out fresh as a daisy :)


No f words please...blip.. practice... trial run... whatever... :)

Crutty in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you!! I did it - thanks to the support of everyone on here - its great 😊

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Crutty

Huge well done to you!

Polly2810Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Fractice I always called it!😜 anything is better just sitting in the couch!!

See how you feel tomorrow! I would say try again tomorrow as my motivation dips when I haven’t run for a day (rest days I want to go straight out again). But if you don’t physically feel up to it maybe leave it for a day.

I’ve just completed W2R2 and it is tough to keep going even for 30 seconds longer than week 1! Do you listen to music? I try to pick playlists that have my favourite songs and then sing them in my head so I’m distracted and I don’t notice how long I’ve been running for. It also helps that my earphones are constantly falling out so I’m running whilst trying to put them back in! Try and find something that distracts you from how much longer you have to run!

Keep going, the feeling at the end of the run is so worth it, but don’t beat yourself up if you have to try again! 😊😊😊

Crutty in reply to naaatsh92

Thank you - I did it this evening as you said, if I don't do it then I would have been disheartened. Yes I do listen to music and have the same earphone issues lol and tonight I had the added bonus of trying to keep my leggings up too whilst also trying to count my breathing!! No stress lol!!!

naaatsh92 in reply to Crutty

Fantastic! Its all these little things that make the time go down more quickly and then the run is complete! 😊

Everyone has a bad run, just chalk it up to experience and get back out there.

You’ll smash it next time 🏃‍♂️

Crutty in reply to LoungeLizaard

I did it - it was a tad hard going at the end but I feel next time I will actually smash it properly!! 😊

Why did you feel uncomfortable? Because of running or the place you chose to run?

Crutty in reply to S-hack39

The place I chose - too many people and the circuit around the lake was shorter than I thought - will go back to my normal route round the country lanes with the snails for company 😂

S-hack39 in reply to Crutty

Yeah, do where you feel ok and confident, not self-conscious. It just doesn’t help. I run around near a lake but it’s full of runners and pedal bikers, and families walking dogs etc. It’s like we’re all on the same page. I did a run around our streets this week with cars and traffic. I didn’t like it. Felt like I was dying in front of an audience lol. I think it will take time to build up that confidence and run where ever you want.

Crutty in reply to S-hack39

I agree - I think when I can do it and nobody can hear me gasping for breath I'll be OK lol!! Got to keep the faith 😁😁😁

Please don’t give up. Persevere and you will soon see progress. Don’t forget no matter how slow you think you are you will be faster that sitting on the sofa!

Crutty in reply to GrannyAnny55

Very true and I won't give up - watch this space - I will do it!!!


Failure is not getting out there. If you try you cannot fail. You can be beaten down by a run, but never just plain beaten, because you pick yourself back up and try again. You have what it takes or you wouldn’t have done the first two intervals. Relax and believe.

I’d have a rest day before your next attempt as you’re new to this and you did run.

Crutty in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you so much - I am wanting to get back out there and crack this - will see how I feel in the morning - i won't let it beat me!!

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to Crutty

It won’t beat you, you’re too strong for that

No such thing as a failed run. You were out there and you gave it a go. That's a good practice run as far as I'm concerned. Have a day's rest then try again. This time go really slow, and then a bit slower and tell yourself you can do it.

This programme really works, you just need to tell your head that and ignore the gremlins that will convince you you can't do it.... because you can.

Slow and steady and keep good company with the snails and you'll be fine.

Good luck.

Finished week 2 earlier this week having returned to start program again after three months recovery from injury having finished week 5 earlier this year - am 62 but I find a few things help - I use the timings from the voice of the coach and determine not to look at the timer at all as if I am finding it hard going seeing the timer showing many seconds to go makes me more likely to stop - I also start every run telling myself I will complete it and look for level ground to run on in early weeks and only ever go at my own pace . Please do keep trying you will make it and enjoy it. Very

best wishes.

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