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Runners Knee anyone?😭


I did W6R3 last Wednesday and was elated afterwards, although, after a fair bit of googling (I know it’s a bad idea 🤦🏼‍♀️), it feels like I may have runners knee 😭😭. I got myself a new pair of sport insoles, a knee brace and rested till this morning, but when I tried to run a couple of steps today, a wee bit of pain returned so thought it best just to miss today’s run. Has anyone else had this problem? I’m gutted because I have become hooked on the runs 😕

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I've had knee pain (something that seemed similar to runner's knee) through weeks 1 and 2. What I did then was changing trainers, minding my footfall so that I landed midfoot rather than on the heel, resting two full days between runs and icing the knees, and I started doing the NHS knee strengthening exercises. The pain went away eventually and hasn't been back. From what I read having a gait analysis done is a good idea. I actually made an appointment for one at the only place that offers them here... but it's still one week away !

Hope that helps !

Thanks for the advice. I’m planning a good rest and when it’s improved I’ll drop back a couple of weeks later in the plan and see how it goes 👍🏻 Gait analysis needs looking at I think.


If you've never had your gait looked at, do that first. A lot of problems are caused by the wrong shoes.

If that doesn't sort things out, I'd suggest a sports physio. Just strapping your knee and hoping for the best isn't going to correct any underlying problems. And knees are tricky things. My knee pain was nothing to do with my knee. It was a glute problem that over time transmitted itself through my hip, down my ITB and then into my knee. (All these bits are connected to each other in a baffling way...)

A good sports physio will trace the problem up through that kinetic chain from your knee and should identify the root cause.

It's miserable, I know, but stick with it. A few weeks rebuilding may be on the cards, but better that than a bad injury...

Hope you get better soon

Gait analysis it is then 👍🏻 I got a new pair of shoes, not cheap, at the start of the plan and they still look and feel ok, but it’s hard to tell how it’s supporting the foot. Any suggestions on reliable shoe brands for running? I never know if the big brands are make them cheap and sell them high, because the quality seems to be plummeting at the moment 👎🏻

MarkyDGraduate in reply to Earlyrunner

Are you a neutral runner, or do you over- or underpronate? What surfaces do you run on, and for what distance, and what frequency? Do you prefer a more cushioned shoe (this might make you land on your heel and is not recommended) or are you a mid-foot runner? Do you prefer a more stiff, supportive shoe and what about toe-heel level? Some shoes today are level, whilst others have a more traditional heel-toe drop of about 10-12mm.

I can recommend a brand, or even a colour. But that won't answer any of these questions and you could easily get some shoes that are not bio-mechanically suited to your running.

Earlyrunner in reply to MarkyD

I’ve found a small shop nearby who have a gait analysis service where I’m running on a treadmill, and they also do a foot inspection while gathering all the injury history. I’ll give them a visit, only once the knee has completely healed, and hopefully get an answer to some of these questions. Who would’ve thought running was so complex 🤷🏼‍♀️


I am just recovering from a knee injury. The best advice I had was go to a dr or sports physio. 😃


Due to knee injury l was off for 10 weeks. Gait analysis, shoes that fit and custom cut insoles all helped and a good physio and an osteopath fixed me. Buying shoes without seeking advice was a major part of my issue because l chose the wrong ones that offered no support. The make of your shoes (brand), and the price, have got nothing to do with how they fit. None of the most expensive famous brands were fully compatible with my feet. Not a pair. The gait analysis guys helped me find a perfect pair for under £100 which resulted in no discomfort or injury since January 2017.


Please be careful I have been running for 9 years but in October last year I started to get knee pain I had a bit if time off. But as soon as I started running it came back getting worse and the pain was terrible.

I saw a physio and he told me everything I knew I should be doing which was no running,I couldn't hardly walk in the end.

I still went Parkrun and marshalled every week until I was better but it took 6 months.

I'm back now though and have recently finished bridge to 10 K.


I developed a knee niggle a few weeks ago and have been using a knee support to see me through graduation whilst on holiday.....but it's still there and im enjoying running so much, I'm going to get it seen by a sports physio to make sure it's fixed properly.

PS: Did gait analysis after Week 1 and found I overpronate, so bought proper shoes that support my feet. To help me further to cope with the pain, bought arch support insoles. After that I've never looked back.

Good luck!!!!

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