Knee pain

Before my run this morning I felt a twinge in my knee. Actually the last few days my knees have felt a bit weak. Then after my run I felt actual pain which has got worse throughout the day and I'm now struggling to walk. Any tips for a speedy recovery?


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14 Replies

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  • Rest from running and putting weight/impact on it. Ice pack appiled for 10 mins at a time several times a day. Keep it elevated when you can. if you have a compression knee sleeve or compression socks, wear them.

    Dont do anythng on it till all the pain has gone.

    Then make sure you do exercises to strengthen the muscles that support the knee.

  • Will take it all on board and just hope I recover quickly. First time on the IC and I don't like it! Thanks for your advice ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • as Rig says..and don't run or walk until pain goes..if it does not go... get it checked!

  • No tips really, others know more than me... But just wanted to wish you a speedy recovery. Chin up :)

  • Thank you. Really hope it's speedy too!

  • All the above but our very own A&E doc nikkiwabit , informed me that RICE has been superseded by MICE, the difference being that while resting you need to maintain mobility.

    Take it easy.

  • Thank you. Will take it all on board and hope I'm not on the IC for too long ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • I think that may have lost a little in translation. MICE should follow RICE, generally when advised safe by a medical professional. Movement can aggravate and cause further damage to an injury if done too soon.

  • Having not defined either RICE or MICE in my reply and on the basis that RICE is self administered, I was just pointing out, as was pointed out to me, that maintaining a degree of mobility, at the users discretion, is now considered preferable to total immobility. I would encourage anyone embarking on this form of self treatment to do their own research.

    To confuse the issue further there are even more acronyms to play with in this area...RICER, PRICE and even your research for yourselves.

  • I'm in exactly the same position as you. Did my W2R3 yesterday morning and have been on the sofa ever since. Both knees are very upset. (As am I.) Going up the stairs is agony.

    I've been icing every couple of hours and have knee supports on in between and there's been a *slight* improvement since yesterday.

    I'm putting it down to weak quads and the like so when I can walk without swearing I'm going to do these exercisesโ€” โ€”to help strengthen my knees and when they're properly recovered I'll probably restart the programme. I see many squats in my future!

    I hope you're OK. I've done a lot of snot-snivelling because I was so enjoying my runs but I've given myself a good talking-to and I'm just chalking this up as a little setback.

    Sending you best wishes for a speedy knee recovery.

  • Aww sorry to hear you're in the same position. It's so frustrating isn't it?! I'm also struggling with the stairs and I live in a three story house which isn't helping a bit!

    Will take a look at that link, thank you.

    I wish you a speedy recovery and the best of luck with the programme. Thank you for your well wishes too ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Two lots of stairs? Ouch.

    And thank you. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Now you are a real runner!!!

    It sucks though.

    Wishing you both speedy recoveries.

  • Thank you

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