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Dear George


W8R2 - it was cold - 10.5°, wet & windy. Different run, different music. Parked the car and decided to run up a cycle path - up being the operative word. Got round the first bend and saw the incline! George Ezra my choice of music today - I ran the first half of my run and felt quite strong. Tried to breathe in through my nose but I can never quite get that breathing thing going. I'm always too out of puff to be able to do it consistently. Decided to carry on running on (up hill) after the halfway bell then turned.....straight in to the wind 😩 I could barely hear dear George. 2 cyclists passed me, going in the opposite direction - one with a huge grin - did I really look that bad? So pleased when Jo announced my completion. Certainly better for me today. I am a runner!

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You are definitely a runner! Hills are out to get us. Can’t say I’m a fan! 😳

Well done to you and George! Onwards - you’ll smash the rest of the runs! 😀👏

59erGraduate in reply to cheekychipmunks

Thanks! Think I might try to research a flatter one for next time 🙄

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