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Starting w9 after struggle with w8


My next run is w9r1.... I hadn't really struggled with the program until w8... I repeated one run in w8 and struggled more mentally than physically.... I just couldn't stop my mind from being all over the place. My last run was successful. Ready start w9... a little nervous in case I struggle like w8. Hope I do ok. .. fingers crossed.

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If you got week 8, then week 9 is definitely doable. I've just done week 9 run 1, and the first few minutes (toxic not quite 10) were a struggle. I listen to some old favourite songs (Abbey Road side 2 this morning) and that helps me a lot. Gremlins can be a real pain but I focus on the next track and so on. Once I'm half way I could turn round and go home if I want but I like a long cool down walk so go a bit further.

Next week is only 3 more minutes so you can do it. Graduation is in your reach.

SarahOReillyGraduate in reply to sparkyjohn

Thank you.... I didn't have any doubts until the mental struggle in w8. I will go.into w9 positive.

Thank you

sparkyjohnGraduate in reply to SarahOReilly

Great, it's all in the mind. However, knowing that doesn't always make it easier to deal with. Just remember only 3 runs to the podium, I hope to be there waiting for you.

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