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Finished W8 ... Please can I start W9 tomorrow?


:D Another glorious day today, so I've done the 3rd run for W8 .... lovely trot around my local roads with blossom trees and front garden magnolias looking beautiful. Did another 30+ minutes fairly readily, finishing off with Wagner (am sure he's not got the correct BPM for running, but what the heck?).

Would really like to get on with W9 tomorrow ... Am going to be working Tues, Thurs, Sat and Sunday (all quite physical, long days, so no chance to run too).... so if I run Mon, Wed and Friday I can graduate at the week's end. And the reason? ..... next week my first pension payment arrives, so I really want to conquer C25K before! ;) I know I'm daft and its only a date.... but if I'm feeling hunky dory, surely there's no problem with me doing two days consecutively?

Enjoy this wonderful day everyone, Linda x

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Oooooo well done you I too have just finished week eight the programme I am following had me run for 30 mins and I ran five mins more. Go us I know we will be at the finishing line together am not quite enthusiastic about doing it tomorrow though lol. Am back at work tomorrow :( congrats linda it's an awesome achievement I always look to see your post as you are at the same stage as me. Well done bask in your achievement personally I cannot stop smiling.

LMS2110Graduate in reply to Maisiemugwump

Great, and agreed, go us! :D

If the sun keeps shining I'll definitely go out tomorrow, my beetroot face had paled within an hour and I'm sure my legs are just out of satellite range of my head, cos I've heard no complaint from them either ;)

Enjoy your work (yuk, am soooooo ready to give up!) but will keep this part-time job for extra pocket money while I can ... It's at a huge garden centre and very physical, and after a lifetime of teaching so very different. Have some amazing final runs and we'll rendezvous at grad HQ next weekend, eh? Keep smiling, it suits you xx


Do what makes you feel happy, I'd say. Keep trotting, rather than running flat out tomorrow and if you have to walk a bit, who cares? Love the idea of your "date" as a personal goal. :-)

LMS2110Graduate in reply to con-brio

Thanks so much! Must be this programme cos everything keeps me happy at the moment. Have just spent 3 hrs in my garden: digging weeding and repotting umpteen shrubs for my sons' gardens (both have new empty gardens). All these things make me happy ... But happier still, a short holiday to Florence planned in early May ... Will you be running that way LOL xx

con-brioGraduate in reply to LMS2110

Now there's a thought... Florence. I'll send you a message. DeliaItaly might be interested too...


Gosh I am well impressed. I did an extra 3 minutes by mistake this morning and found it so hard, and there you are adding extra minutes because you feel able to, and readily. Not only that, but you are still enthusiastic and motivated enough to run two days consecutively! Well done. I hope I feel as good as that in just over a week's time :)

LMS2110Graduate in reply to Caledonia

I'm sure you will :) The first time I ran over the recommended time it was purely by accident, and since then the 'psychology' has taken over, and really, I just got carried along my my tunes and the spring air. Once you've gone 'over' (even if it was a little bit hard today) your mind and body both now know you can do it! Have some wonderful runs in the days ahead, mind over matter, you'll do it ;) look forward to seeing your green badge soon xx


Well done. We should both be graduating at the same time (hopefully). You are already running 30+ minutes so you should blow week 9 right out of the water. :-D

Good luck.

LMS2110Graduate in reply to caz1_ca

Well done to you too :) ... So many folk have done this before us I feel quite humbled. But yes, roll on next weekend when we'll both be able to stand tall amongst them. Have some awesome final runs on this challenge - what are your plans for post grad life? Cheers x

Well done - what a great motivator. I'm guessing that you know what you can and can't cope with by now so if you're up to it why not just go for it. Can't wait to see your green badge xxx

LMS2110Graduate in reply to helenf28

Thank you so much, all the best with your last few runs too - you're almost a graduate too - we can achieve wall-to-wall green badges, eh? x


Well done Linda. You've done amazing. I'm working my way through w8 and probably graduate a few days after you. Had a little set back for a few days but getting my act together again. It has got a lot hotter where I live (middle east) the last couple of weeks so upset my routine. I prefer to run on a morning but that's not possible now unless I get out before 6am (which I can't do) so now changed to running on a night. Had a lot of socials on so missed a couple of runs and felt rubbish for it. Back on track now though and looking forward to graduation :-) Enjoy your final week x

p.s. I know what you mean about adding time. I do the same because mentally it feels like I've won and I can do this!


Oh, well done Linda, and I'd say go for your date! You can always change your plans if you need to, but I would think that at this point you're so nearly there that your joints etc will be fine. Take it slowly if you have to, but get out there and go for it! I'll be thinking of you - let us know how it goes :)

LMS2110Graduate in reply to Anniemurph

Hiya, :D yes, I did it! Out bright and early (though not quite as warm as yesterday) Changed my route slightly to alleviate boredom and trotted back in time to meet my ex boss dropping in for a coffee!

Bright red faces all around as he congratulated me upon my changed shape (which I was beginning to think I'd imagined as nobody else has commented! ;) )

Life is good. Will stick with plan to graduate on Friday :)

Cheers, Linda x

AnniemurphGraduate in reply to LMS2110

:) how nice that ex-boss noticed your changed shape :)

I'll be looking out for your graduation blog on Friday :)

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