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Did it did it! 20 mins non stop! W5 r3 ✅


Wow amazing that I did not stop and kept running!! Half way the ankles started to ache and were trying to take over, One direction ( I know !) song sailed me through. Ran ran and then Sarah said 2 more mins and I was like what!!!

Finally my playlist had ‘this is me’ from the greatest showman ( borrowing my kiddos songs, what the heck if it works!) what a song to finish off!! That song gives me a high and I was like high jumping in the air when Sarah said I did it, ran till the song ended! So thrilled !!!

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Nice going! Week 5 Run 3 is a huge milestone in the programme and it sounds like you smashed it! Good luck with week 6! 😀👍👏

One D 🤔

HatetoloverunGraduate in reply to telford_mike

Hahaha bad choice but just borrowed kids playlist 🙈🙈

Very well done.... I was on cloud 9 when I did w5r3 last week....feels great doesn't it!!

I'm on wk6 now and did something a little crazy on the weekend. Now that I've lost all the weight I intended to lose, I let my hair down a bit over the weekend and enjoyed a few (actually a few more than that) drinks on Sunday night at a party... Ended up leaving the car there with the sly intention of using w6r2 to go and collect it. I'd underestimated the distance and with a hazy head set out to collect the car late the next morning. Laura got me about half way there during wk6r2, but there was still a fair way to go, so I just ran as long as I could, stopped a couple of times for a break and then carried on. 1hour, and 9.3km later, I arrived. If its possible to do this with a hangover I reckon I should be good for the rest of c25k and my ambition of doing a 10km fun run in October now seems achievable. I will confess though, my legs are pretty stiff today so I'm enjoying the rest day!

Back out tomorrow for wk6r3, I wonder what Laura has in store for me!

HatetoloverunGraduate in reply to RunforresttRun

Woah!! Did you just do almost 10k? And you were able to do it in 1 hour with breaks! Way to go Forrest 🙌🏽🙌🏽 Now you know what to do before you want to do a 10k 😜😂 I just finished w6 r2 today. Was counting down the first 10 min run ( I did back to back day runs I know!) I think best to rest for the big one on Thursday!

RunforresttRunGraduate in reply to Hatetoloverun

Yeah, I'm suppose to be out tomorrow (weds) for w6r3, but I think I might save it till Thurs as I seem to be coming flown with a cold now :( serves me right for burning the candle at both ends. Let me know how you get on for Wk6r3....and good luck!!!

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