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Ankle injury



From the get go of this programme my left lower leg has always been the one to “feel the burn” more than the right. As it turns out (thank you gait analysis), I overpronate on both sides but substantially more on the left hand side.

It seems since i’ve started the longer runs this may be properly effecting me. After W6R3 there was some slight soreness to my left ankle but nothing too huge. I did W7R1 this morning and since then every step I take is accompanied by the slightest of twinges and i’m getting the occasional throbbing sensation (no swelling though).

I probably won’t get my new recommended trainers until the end of next week due to finances. After giving myself a few extra days of rest is it too risky to continue using my old trainers until I can get the new ones?

I’ll ice my ankle tonight but any more tips on dealing with this would be amazing too.


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It doesn’t sound too bad, and you will get all sorts of aches and pains as your distance increases. Until you get your new shoes I guess the only thing you can do is to take your runs really slow and gentle, and stop if the twinges become painful. It may also be worth phoning the shop where you had your gait analysis done and asking their opinion. Good luck!

Thank you! The shop seemed a bit impersonal (I doubt they would remember me) but I may pop in next week if it doesn’t improve. =]


It sounds to me that you could benefit from custom insoles or orthotics either from a good running shop, physio or podiatrist.

Your asymmetry needs to be balanced, either temporarily or permanently or you could possibly do long term damage which could stop you running at all.

Take care.

Thanks for the advice. =]

For clarity - the chap recommended a pair of support shoes for the overpronating. Do the insoles/orthotics serve a different purpose? Would the overpronating in itself not be a huge issue but the fact that it’s not the same level on both sides is an issue?

The guy did mention orthotics but only in passing and didn’t labour the point at all so I didn’t follow up on it.

IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to WonderfullyKam

Physical asymmetries are very common and if they are only minor the body compensates naturally. Yours sounds a bit more pronounced, which is why I would recommend looking into orthotics. They can be used to balance out the body. Continued running with it uncorrected could easily lead to further knock on effects and potential damage.

Personally, I would get advice from a sports physio or podiatrist, but a good running shop may well be able to sort you out.


Until your new shoes arrive (and assuming that they help) I wouldn't risk running. It's only a few days. Continuing to run in shoes that may be causing you problems already doesn't sound wise....

So when I saw myself running on the treadmill in the recommended shoes it had corrected the overpronation of the right hand side and improved but not fixed completely the issue on the left (the side with the more pronounced overpronating).

I’m hoping that means they help! I’m getting them tomorrow =]

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