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Well last post too good to be ...


Well last post too good to be true

No hip pain I said 2 mornings age then was awake for 2 nights with hip pain so so typical

So this mornings run has been postponed as energy levels are very low as well as a niggly hip

I say postponed because I am hoping to go tomorrow and still finish this before next week!!!

I have been walking on the days no running and I have a sneaky feeling that aggravated my hip because it is hilly so ........... rest today and hope to run tomorrow I only have 3 runs left 😧😧

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Oh no!! That’s so disappointing for you! Hope you recover soon. Walking and running in the pool will help! Good luck x

RedtraceyGraduate in reply to Daftclare

Thank you - am sure I will get there eventually 😟

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