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New running location tips


I'm on w8r2..... how do I find new places to run? I read about mapping a run...

What does this mean?

I have just been on holiday and just did my runs around the football pitch (It is excessively hilly where we have been in hols), but after 2nd run... it was soooooo boring.

At home I have approx 3-4 different places I run... 2 of which are ok.. the other again around a football pitch, but it's convenient.

I don't like running on the road and time is hard to find sometimes.

Looking for inspiration on finding new place to run and how to find them.


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Strava offers membership of running groups and just about every parkrun has one. If you join that you’ll instantly be able to see where all the members run and you can use those routes... probably not the 17 mile ones just yet! You’ll also see the parkrun itself and be able to follow it.

Strava is also one of many apps that will record your run, save it and map it... literally a route on a map online.

Hope this helps

SarahOReillyGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you....

I have just started using Strava... complete novice and just got what I need do to record a run.

So if I have a look around in Strava, I will find online running groups to join? Or have I read it wrong?

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to SarahOReilly

Yeah, it calls them clubs... I think it’s on the default page when you start the app.

I started off running around a big field but yeah, that soon got really boring. I tend not to plan routes and just see where the mood takes me. I’m not a fan of going the same route too often either as I don’t like knowing where I’m going to have to run to to reach half way and the like.

Time being hard to find sounds like a common excuse and one that I used to say to myself. Once I stopped worrying about eating into my time in front of the TV, I realised that I actually had loads of free time.

Keep up with the program, I know that you’ll be glad that you do.


I literally must be the only person on the planet who doesn't own an iPhone/other smartphone. So I just go on Google Maps on my computer and draw along the roads I've run (or will run) with their digital ruler to find my distances. 🤣 I know the max distance for this programme will be 3 miles so I just work out how far I'll be able to go in a session.

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