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Think this running malarkey is paying off!!


Hi guys, I just want to share with you my jubilation at such a good running week I’ve had.

I think I’ve finally worked out my plan for post grad runs, and this is my plan for going forward for the next few weeks:

Run 1 - intervals doing fast and slow runs

Run 2 - C25k+ Stepping Stones podcast, structured run with defined pace increasing over the duration of the run

Run 3 - Free Run

On Wednesday this week a fellow runner I see on my usual route detoured round to come and run alongside me and congratulate me on the work I’m doing. It felt so nice having someone else notice all my hard work and it was also nice to run along with someone although I couldn’t maintain his pace for too long he was very sweet and full of encouragement. So much so I’ve registered with Park Run!! Yikes!! 🤪. I’ve not decided when I do my first one yet but I’ve got my barcode and am ready to go.

Last nights free run saw me manage 35mins doing 3.5km, an increase of 0.5k compared to my last few runs, so super chuffed again 😊.

And this is how I know I’m getting good at this fitness stuff, I went walking with a friend this morning up a little hill not far from here. When I done this walk 2 months ago it took me 50 minutes on both the walk up and down. Today we did the same walk but in 40 minutes each way this time!! It was windy so maybe we were blown along, but am happy with the knowledge that all my hard work is paying off. And if you think I was joking about the wind, just see our photo, lol.

Well, that was it. Hubby is away at the moment so just wanted to share my happy feelings with someone and I know you lovely people would appreciate my thoughts xx

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Hey Jan! What a lovely positive post and what a fabulous photo too! 😀😀

Sounds like a great plan you have there, and isn’t it amazing to find that all your hard work is paying off? 🙌🙌

I too have registered for Parkrun, but like you I haven’t decided when to do the first one yet. I’d prefer not to have to walk any, and I haven’t attempted a 5k yet - just 4k. So we’ll see! Will look out for your progress!

Good luck, and well done! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️😀😀🎉🎉

JanB76Graduate in reply to cheekychipmunks

Thanks cheeky!! I’ve always maintained that I don’t love running but I do love what it’s doing for me, and this week more than any has proved that.

It’s nice to feel good about what you’re doing, so happy to share xx



That’s great Jan, so many benefits to doing this programme! Good luck with your post-grad runs, I'm sure they’ll go well 😀🏃‍♀️👍👏

That's fantastic Jan and a great inspiration for me... my next run is W1R2.

JanB76Graduate in reply to TC321

Thanks TC, there’s many people on here I took great inspiration from in my early days, so I’m glad I could help. Good luck with the programme, it really is fantastic, I’m testament to that 😊

Good on ya, def take those words for encouragement!


Well done on your accomplishments. You are certainly benefitting health wise from your runs. Keep it up.


Well done jan ...Your doing fantastic ...Keep it up ...😊😊


Totally understand the feeling- little victories, all our own, very happy for you 😁💪


Congratulations well done to you 😊


Love this! 💙 Well done! I’m encouraged to sign up for Parkrun now too!!

JanB76Graduate in reply to jennitricot

Bless, the old guy that was running with me was just so encouraging I couldn’t help being caught up in his enthusiasm for doing a Park Run. Doing 5k/Park Run is definitely my next big goal 🙂

jennitricotGraduate in reply to JanB76

The thought of running with other people makes me anxious, but the enthusiasm of Park-runners that I keep reading about makes me determined to give it a go! It’s definitely in my future goals too 😊

Lovely post Jan and so good to see all the hard work 😓 paying off!!

JanB76Graduate in reply to MandiV

You inherently know that running will be good for your heart and therefore your health but it’s not until you can put it into a relative context do you realise the good it’s doing you.



Hi Jan, that’s brilliant! Keep on running!


Over the moon for you Jan!


Steady on Jan. It could get very messy. Parkruns are a slippery slope.

Soon you will just do the 1 parkrun, "just to see". Then "just" another one and before long it will be the highlight of your week.

Getting up early to do a proper warm up, walking/running down to the start. Chatting with everyone, making new friends, enjoying just being out and running a bit, high fiving all the volunteers on the way around, getting a rush as you get applauded over the finish line, then joining those at the finish line to encourage others runners. Repairing to the local cafe for a chat with other runners, and making even more friends.

It could even lead to planning holidays and trips to include parkruns. (Cornwall is particularly interesting but other parkruns are available).

JanB76Graduate in reply to seaspaniel

You’re right seaspaniel, I fear it may get messy. I shall endeavour to avoid all the frivolity involved, but surely it’s got to be worth just one run, right????

Just to see.....



What a great photo - fun and happiness! Great!

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