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Thank the maker! W3R2


Well, that was a lot easier than W3R1. I made a couple of changes this morning.

1) Instead of getting up, having breakfast and stewing for a couple of hours about the upcoming session, I just got out of bed, put my trainers on and went straight out the door.

2) Switched to the C25K app and played my own music. It made a world of difference. The Audiofuel tracks in the podcast aren't bad per se but unfamiliar. Running to my own tunes this morning made the half hour seem like 10 minutes. Anyone using the podcast - please change to the app. You can still have Laura if you want. :p

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Lol, I feel we’re on this journey together as I’m going for my w3r2 later!

Well done on getting out there and getting through it! :)

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Nice one. Post to let us know how you got on!


Good run, and certainly better running before breakfast than straight after. The change to familiar music also helps relaxation, so most would find it a good step to get into running comfortably.

You’re doing great, enjoy the next one.

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You can see in my profile the incline I did my last three minutes up. Not massive at all but I took it really slow, each step overlapping the previous one, so it took about 2.5 minutes of the 3 to get up it! LOL.

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I used to prefer a short steep incline to a gradual shallow one... so I’m currently getting back into this deliberately finding shallow long inclines to run the first half up... turn at the bell and easier finish, usually!


Ah yes the delay getting out the door is not good for you! Well done

I have to go first thing, early and nothing more than a glass of water. It wouldn’t happen otherwise 😉


Totally agree - I always get up, trainers on and straight out the door. Plus being able to play my own music when using the app really helps the time fly by. Tomorrow I am on W6R3 - 25mins non stop!

That really chimes with me, the only way itricked myself into keeping going was by getting up and out before I had I chance to think about it and change my mind 😁

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