Couch to 5K

Postgrad Triple "S" programme!

I had a bit of a eureka moment whilst eating a boiled egg this morning and I think I may have found the perfect blend of getting my speed and stamina increased whilst aiming for 10K along the way.

Ladies and gents, I give to you the "BettysbOps 8 Week Triple Ess Programme!"

Stretch (Monday eves)

- getting up to to 10k, slow and steady, no need for speed in gradual increments over 8 weeks

(use HM app as recommended by Miles Yonder OR 10%/week increases with MapMyRun app)

Speed (Saturday mornings)

- 5k Parkrun, knock 3 mins off PB by 1st August

(Where there is no Parkrun, use NHS Choices Stepping Stones Podcast)

Stamina (Wednesdays/Thursdays)

- 5k up hills

(NHS Choices Stepping Stones Stamina Podcast or replay Week 9 podcast)

This may turn out to be the perfect fit as it will keep me in the "NHS Choices" podcast zone plus entertaining my miniscule attention span by making each run different PLUS it still makes me get out and run 3 times a week.

I have no idea why I posted this, I think I'm looking for wise feedback, I could be also trying to inspire other directionless grads, maybe?

Alternatively I could just be tooting my horn again, such is the life of the only child. :D

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It seems a very good plan! Im doing week 8, and looking for a post graduate plan, keep posting please, I want to know if it works ok for you. Tks. Ana


Honk Honk!

I love this plan, it's really good and full of variety. I'm sure there are other grads on here who have successfully attempted something similar (one long run, one short fast run and something else in a week).

I think you make a wise choice in being patient about reaching 10K. As you might have seen I graduated and immediately started ploughing through B210K, while the increasing time and distance is rewarding the lack of variety can be a bit killer, and if I wasn't such a stubborn arse it might have affected my running by now :)

Anyway let us know how you go on, and don't worry about over-posting, we all love a good purposeless ramble.

Happy Running :)


In my experience, Betty, people from large families toot their horns loudest of all!

Not sure about the 'up hills' bit (a. Live an area short on hills; b. hate running up the few we have) but I think the 'stretch' is a very good idea.


Sounds like very hard work, so best of luck with it.


Sounds like a very good plan! In fact, it's very similar to the one I have decided on last week, except that instead of 5k for speed, I'm going to increase that distance on speed week by week as well. Hopefully that'll see me get ready for a speedy 10k in August.


Well, first run this weekend will be "speed" - will either be Aberdeen Parkrun or a self-made route if the plane lands late! Love running back in the motherland, love it.


Great plan Betty (and a snappy title is always bonus :) ). Keep posting to let us know how you're getting on. Toot Toot :)


To do 10 k you need a bit of other exercise too. Strength exercise, cycling, swimming, walking etc. I'm doing exercise DVD's at home to try and get everything stronger

Good luck with it Betty!


Ergh, I'm sure you've all been waiting with baited breath but this past 10 days or so has been DI-A-BOLICAL for my postgrad programme.

After getting food poisoning last Sunday my plans were wasted this week and I only managed to run for the first time in a week at yesterday's Parkrun, in which my time was rubbish due to basically needing a massive wee the whole way round and having to stop-start to avoid accidents!

So, restarting this programme this week and I'll keep you posted. Not going to let food poisoning and running induced near-incontinence stop me! FORZA ESCOZIA!!!

Happy running y'all x


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