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Week 4, run 2😊

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Hi all,

Am a newbie runner and think this app is amazing. I feel like it’s slowly improving my fitness, as was a definite coach potato. I am off on holiday next week and want to keep going or I know I’ll lose motivation. There is a gym at the hotel, does anyone do the app on a treadmill, am a bit worried about how to do the run with the walking and running. Any tips? Any advice really appreciated 😊

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Do you track your runs too? If you do, you should see your running and walking minutes per km or mile. There’s online charts that will convert them to kph for you if you can’t be bothered with the maths.

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Lots of people have done C25K on treadmills. There's a speed control on the treadmill so you can slow it down for walks and speed it up again for runs - they’re dead easy to use. Good luck and have a great holiday!

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I used a treadmill at my hotel when on holiday. I walked at 6k and jogged at 7.5 and just used the up and down speed buttons to change the speed when needed.

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Thanks everyone, that’s really helpful 😊

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