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Done It!!!!


So yesterday I completed week 9 run 3 so have now graduated. This is my first time posting on this forum but I have read and followed others journeys and been motivated loads by the things I have read on here.

So I thought I would share my story.

Bearing down on my 45th birthday and very overweight (6 foot and 23 and half stone) I thought it was about time I got fit and shed some pounds. I had been a bit of a runner in the past doing 5k a few times a week but work and life had got in the way of that and then running had become difficult because of the strain it put on my knees. So I downloaded the app, bought a phone holder and set off. Here’s some of the things that I have thought about during my 9 weeks.

• Don’t worry about what anyone thinks. Initially I was self-aware and worried that people may look and laugh at the fat man running, but do you what, it doesn’t matter. I didn’t start running for others, I did it for me!

• Don’t use the scales, use your clothes. I have lost a lot of weight. But the main thing I feel is that I am so much more comfortable in my clothes. I have gone up notches in my belt, my trouser waists are inches smaller and I can fit into clothes I haven’t worn in years!

• Don’t get ahead of yourself. The app is designed to get you running 30 mins nonstop in nine weeks. In the early stages I stuck to the plan and resisted going out on consecutive days. In week 8 I made the mistake of doing runs 2&3 in consecutive days and this was a mistake. My knees started playing up I had to have extra days’ rest before moving on. Stick to it don’t be tempted to move on too quickly even if you do think you are capable.

• Don’t panic! I think it was in week 3 that I had a moment of panic because surely I had run 3 minutes (it felt like 10!) and Laura hadn’t told me to stop. Was my phone out of battery? Had I paused the app somehow? When will this end? I can’t breathe……………

Just stay calm and breathe!

• Don’t worry about the 5k. I have finished the programme but I am still a little short on distance within the 30 minutes. Currently I am doing about 4.5K in the 30mins and I don’t beat myself up about this.

So that’s it, 9 weeks done, some good runs, some horrendous runs, but I was never beaten by them and although it’s been really hot and I need to ice my knees after most runs I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Wherever you are in the programme I salute you!!

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What a fantastic post and what a great achievement. I graduated last week and was self conscious when I started the programme - 69 in December and a great granny!! You're right though we're doing this for ourselves not others and it's great to reach our goals !!

Massive congratulations on completing and thanks for sharing your story. C25k is an amazing app and I've only just joined this forum and find everyone's stories so inspiring. I just completed week 5 run 3, really chuffed. Week 5 feels like a turning point.

Great post👍 congratulations and well done! 👏🍾🎉🥇

AnatheboxerdoGraduate in reply to owmeknees

Thank you 🙂

Well done you and great post and feedback!

This is a lovely post, and has made me well up a bit for some reason. Well done and thanks for sharing your inspiring story and helpful advice xxx


Junior 73,

Thanks for posting, I’m like you tempted to do consecutive runs but, will heed your and MJ’s advice and have a break. I’m in it for the long haul. Well done on making these changes.

Well done and thanks for inspirational post full of great advice. 4.5k in 30 mins is still a way off for me!


Well done & thanks for posting this. It's so inspiring to read other people's stories. I'll try to remember your advice about not panicking next time I start wondering whether the app's stopped!

Wow great news 🏃‍♀️ Keep it going x you have and are doing really well! and it’s great reading stories like this it helps motivate others well done x

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