Running buddy injury

Hi all, I'm after a bit of advice please. Me and hubby are on W7R3 tomorrow and he has been complaining of a bad back since R1 of this week. He barely finished R2 and he said his back is in bits. He's not generally a bad back person and hadn't lifted anything etc so the only thing we can put it down to is running. Has anyone any pearls of wisdom or advice from personal experience? He slowed down on R2 and was practically limping. Thanks in advance 😊


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  • I am sorry I haven't any experience of this but didn't want you to be alone waiting for an answer as I guess a lot of us just aren't qualified to help. The health mantra we usually swear by is that aches are okay but pain isn't. This sounds to my untutored ears like pain. Rest can't hurt and by that I mean, probably best not to run. But seriously get the back pain seen to. Early intervention is always better than delay. I hope you get some decent advice. Good luck to your running mate!

  • Thanks for your reply, much appreciated. He's not one for doctors so I'm hoping a good rest will sort him out. Thank you 😊

  • Sorry to hear that.

    Has he had gait analysis to check his style of running?

    Runners do need a good core. I started extra core strength exercises a couple of months after C25K, because I developed lower back pain when I was extending runs towards 10 miles.

    Shoes affect posture and even if you are trying to maintain a good posture if your footwear is inappropriate then any inconsistencies in support may well show up in your back.

    Rest up would be my first suggestion but if it persists then professional advice is essential, either from a GP or preferably a sports physio.

  • Everything IannodaTruffe says but hubby also needs to think about posture when running. No slouching, use what ever core muscles you have. Relaxed not tense shoulders and do not pump arms across the body....backwards and forwards.

  • I normally run behind him as he has a longer stride than me and his posture is good with shoulders down, arms backwards and forwards, he's not generally a sloucher but I do keep an eye on him and him me.

    Thanks for the reply 😊

  • Thanks for the reply. No he hasn't had a gait analysis so perhaps that should be a consideration going forward. It is something I've considered also even though I'm not having any issues.

    My core is fairly strong as I do workout regularly and combine strength training and stretching but he doesn't do anything extra apart from swimming.

    I will put the gait analysis suggestion to him but for now yes I think rest and then a trip to the gp (may have to sedate him for that one)

    Thanks again 😊

  • Rest to begin with ...and if it does not ease, then get it checked out by those who know:)

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